mouse saga, pt.4

The other day I was sitting on the couch here and noticed a small shadow darkening the doorway – the other side of the flywire door.

<%image(20041124-mouseandgnome.jpg|186|398|mouse and gnome)%>

A mouse was out there – I’m always a little disturbed by this kind of thing, but chilled out after realising there was no way he was going to get in. It hung around for ages. It felt a bit vindictive, but I tried a pre-emptive strike and stuck the mouse trap (which had been sitting idly in here for a while) out there on the door grid/mat.
As always, there were greater forces in play and it turned out that the trap is a dud. The mouse literally climbed onto the pressure plate and jumped up and down on it a la Sylvester of Looney Toons. It didn’t stop there. Two of his buddies showed up and the all had a go – together. Three mice foolin’ around, doing mouse shit (metaphorically speaking) on my door mat and me sqatted down 2.5 feet away watching (sadly, I didn’t have the kamera in hand at that point).
I was trying really hard to get a sense of harmony between me and them, and did – at least while there out there. Hey, Peace, mice. I chucked the trap in the bin.
So after all these good vibes I was wondering how come I haven’t seen them again since. I was using chocolate on the trap, and they really seemed to enjoy it. But then I remembered – don’t dogs get really sick or dead if you feed them chocolate? (ref. Oreos ad.) Maybe I killed the mice afterall.
Pictured above: mouse on trap (rather candid do you think? Reminds me of a snap of an office worker in a park eating lunch.) and Gary Garden Gnome (aka reading gnome in back.

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