sunday evening, reconstituted

Well this is highly irregular but there’s nothing else I can do. It seems the local TPG POP hyper text transfer protocolation isn’t working. I can ftp and email fine but no web, so sticking this here is like feeling around in the dark. I’m sure it’s not me – none of the OSes I got set up work.
Don’t actually have much to say anyway. This morning when it went out i thought that it must be a sign that I should focus on assignment writing for the day – but there’s only so much I can do before I get brain-burn.
Yesterday I saw a clown get out of a car. Mini? Beetle? No – nissan skyline. What kind of car is that for a clown?
I’m not much into astrology – these days at least. I used to be fairly curious about it and kept an attitude of ‘the jury’s still out’ on it. It’s pretty damn complicated – much moreso than a newspaper and divvying everyone up into 12 categories will allow for. I suppose I’ve just lost interest in what the verdict is. But there’s one thing that still clicks in – and that’s hearing that Mercury has gone retrograde. This means that to the eye it actually looks like mercury is going backwards. i dunno what the science explanation is. It happens for about 3 or 4 weeks 2 or sometimes three times a year. Me, being a gemini, am supposedly affected by this more than the average punter, because according to it, so the story goes, Mercury is my god (as in OMG, OMFG, OrMorGord, and godammit). The general effect is that communications of all sorts screw up – sending letters, emails, HTTP, websites disappear, crossed wires… you name it. It’s been retro all of this month and has another week to go I think – and it’s sure whipping its tail around on the way out.
Maybe this is also useful as an excuse as to why geelong is doing so crap in the footy. WooHoo – go geelong. Hey at least they’re being consistent for once. The usual drill is blitz the first half of the season then drop the hambags. I’m almost tempted to start barracking for them again because of this refound underdog status. Brizzy is no fun now they win all the time. Not that I pay attention to footy really.
I hope this looks okay – because I can’t change it.

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