“Why am I apologising?”

DJ2 is the only guy who could equal dave thrussell as far as pulling out some really fun stuff on the radio, and there’s this song, “I want a cookie” that he’s played a couple of times — and miraculously, a [large brandname search engine] of its lyrics found it out there on the net. It definitely gets the Spouting seal of quality quirkiness and is well worth the 3.4Mb download. What’s the catch? You’ve gotta wade knee-deep through gay prawn to get at it (ain’t it always the way?) but it’d be rude of me to deep-link straight to the song.

<%image(20041125-cookie.png|150|53|cookie)%>“Are they telling you that people who grew up in connecticut are stupid?”*

Also, dr-walker is one half of air liquide (mentioned a couple of days ago) and there’s some pretty zappin’ electronic tracks for the grabbin’ on his site. Been a while since I’ve heard some electronic music that’s really electronic like that – particularly ‘don’t phuck with cologne’ is good.

* – images actually from a ‘how to sharpen knives video‘.

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