‘you just destroyed a building!’

Graham has mentioned aphex twin a couple of times lately, and linked this article that I found kind of poigniant in its mention of the mid-90s frame of electronic (‘techno’ at that time for me) music. That was when it was all strange, new, alien and exciting i reckon.
Watching a bit of _Diehard_ the other night and revelling in its mad excess, I heard a couple of lines that are wedged into memory via being samples in a Sugar (I think so anyway. Smalltime Melb. guy) track from that time.
There’s one track on that new remixes album that jumps out– Debase, which comes from the aphex twin vs. the mike flowers pops e.p. which I’ve been after forever – there’s some sounds on it that are obscenely cheesey-cool.
Doing really good remixes is what has impressed me about amon tobin too.
I’ll also be interested to hear the Terminator 3 soundtrack – that’s the other upcoming Dick D. James thing that wasn’t mentioned in that article.

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