jugglers blues

I forsee a successful new reality tv show where contestents have to hack their limbs off in order to win. It’ll be called something like ‘survivor’, except more Xtreme and maxxed out. Maybe ‘Amputation survivor’.
I’ve been reading more stuff about tv – ‘rock n’ wrestling’, the Madonna Into the Groove video clip and ‘Miami Vice’. This is all from this text book, _Television Culture_ by John Fiske. I really dig the intelectualising of stuff that I wouldn’t have thought doing it to before. There’s probably a lot of reading into stuff that just isn’t there, but that’s an art form by itself I reckon. It’d be a more enjoyable read if I didn’t have to somehow apply it to films — which at the moment seems about as logical as ‘a bus with wings is an aeroplane’.
It says Miami vice was the first post-modern cop show, and goes on a bit about the pastel suits and the colours of the whole thing. I remember – it was grade 6 and/or year seven when I was watching it and the second tv we had then was this little black and white thing, so I suppose I missed the pastels, or filled them in mentally. It’s a groovy little tv, but dead now sadly. I’ll take a foto of it – Bang n’ Olafson Beovision 600.
Anyway, reading that kind of stuff is good for me because for at least a little while after I can look at things with a bit more of an open mind– I flipped through a copy of the Herald-Sun and watched ‘Today-Tonight’ which are two things I’d normally never do, or if I did I’d be going ‘arrgh, arrgh’.

Am here at The Ranch tonight. I usually hitch down but today i caught the train – it was pretty crowded. Colac is like a living (just) time capsule from 1961. More one that another time – this keyboard is giving my fingers a hernia.

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