at the servo

I would mention recently consumed music or vids but it’s all been a bit NRF (no redeeming features). Watched _The Day of the Triffids_ last weekend, which was just a bit too old to be much fun. They had some nice rubber plants on wheels being pulled with a string.
Listened to one of Polestar albums… kind of ambient .. some australian guy ..uh. And also Ukiyo-e, who are a sydney band that sound like they should’ve been born in Melbourne. That foto of the petrol station on their front cover reminded me a lot of an image that dustgun – swifty was using on his site when I came across it last year. I suppose that’s the nature of petrol stations – they can look similar, especially at night. Swifty’s shot was closer in to the pumps, excellent foto.

Spent a lot of time today letting the computer crunch through a compile of garnome, which didn’t work.

name: Jay
date: 2003-05-09-17-06
that’s a shame about The Day of the Triffids… it’s one of those films I remember from high school and have always been meaning to watch again. Ahh the rose lenses of my foggy memory.
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name: yak sox
url: http://
date: 2003-05-09-21-54
Yeah. I think ‘Invasion of the body snatchers’ is the go. I’ve seen it before but Leonard Nimoy’s in it.

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