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So I saw a UFO this morning. I pronounce it ‘you-foe’. On the bus out to uni in the distance to the west. What did it look like? Well, exactly like a hot air ballon. I’d only be too happy to say that I saw a hot air balloon, and that it was someone going to work in it, but it was there one second, and then the next moment it was gone– on an almost windless morning.

I think I’ve mentioned before how difficult it is to appreciate sparrows. Plain-ness and ubiquity aside, everytime I step outside of here a whole bunch of them scramble from whatever bit of the backyard they were foraging. They sit up on the edge of the corrugated iron fence and sharpen their beaks. And I know that if I droppped dead right there it wouldn’t be long before they were back down, pecking my eyes out.
But sitting out by the pond at uni eating lunch I most times get one or two standing in front of me looking meek. These must be the ‘ken geniuses of the sparrow species – the ones who are about to vibrate and explode onto the next plain of sparrow-consciousness. To have such tiny brains and still figure out that begging the humans pays off.

I’m officially a happy slacker slacking it up in Slackland. After running it for about a week and a bit nothing catastrophic’s happened and I _even_ upgraded it to Kde 3.1.1 which is bloody amazing. I reckon it’s pretty grand that (while still using the same old hardware) switching distroes has got me a faster boot-up time than ever before. Using Kde 3.1 apps through Fluxbox are quicker than 3.0 – and it’s flashier looking, has more features and – all up is well stable thanks to the Slack package installation system– which hasn’t taken that long to figure out. There’s some handy little things that people have made to keep it all nice.
It’s interesting – the difference between a distro mostly driven by volunteers, like this — and a commercial set up. In some ways it’s actually been easier to figure things out because slack people make more effort to explain things in the README and INSTALL files.
But, (don’t it always happen?) the first time in ages when there actually is a whole lot of stuff I want to d/load (because there’s stuff that would benefit from updating, and ! the updates and stuff are actually easy _to_ install !) and for the last week or two the tpg connection has been really patchy. Other times when it’s got busy at the Geelong POP (in that it’s taken a fair while to get a line ie. continual busy signals) they’ve added another modem or whatever… but this is more like they need to get more pipes or bigger ones. – 10 seconds of normal flow followed by 8 seconds of being stuck at zero.

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