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Holy Canole, couch cadets! I opened up the Green Guide today and see that channel seven are showing _A Fist Full of Dollars_ this saturday night at 11:20pm – how’s that for timing? I’m assuming the way they program is nationally based – I’m pretty sure it is.

I got back my first assignment for the semester today. As I walked back from the mail box with it in mah hot little hand I was psyching into not feeling too disappointed – afterall, the first one back is bound to be a bit rusty and this off-campus subject feels like a total lucky dip. Not being able to see the marker of the assignment, and judge it they’re a real hard-arse or not – in reality makes no difference, but I like to think it does.
I was more than pleasantly surprised to see an 85% on it. (as Monkey would say) Go team Me! I might finally be able to nail an overall HD for a subject with this one – visual texts – the communications studies subject.
It was the deconstruction of a Simpons episode one, which I should get around to HTMLising in a decade or so. The next thing for that subject looks at film instead of television and I should be able to weave _The Idiots_ into it for the art cinema component, so I got a little head start. Will also be looking at Tout va Bien for the ‘marxist cinema’ bit.. I don’t know anything about it yet.

Quote for the day; “How can it be so cold in here. It’s like Greenland in here.” – from Withnail & I. I’m working toward a point in time where i won’t have to say anything original again — it’ll all just be quotes from tv and movies, and maybe songs.
And it is frikkin’ cold in here.

name: Jay
date: 2003-05-04-13-39
Hey I think i’m gonna start using that word “exclaimy” .. very cool! Some how seems to work in some places better than say, “excited”

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