knew Burger King when he was still a prince

Finally got around to snipping up some red tape that’d been dangling around for the last six months. I never officially got me a diploma for the writing course because of doing it across two institutions. Since the time I finished it at the place in geelong they moved the department to another campus, so I went voyaging out there.
I’d forgotten how much of a suburban wasteland the east side of town is. I’m glad i don’t live out there. Not that the west here is hoity-toity, but at least it’s got character. We have our own town hall with clock. [note to self: take foto of clock] I can hear it dong from outside, or late at night in bed.

I got writebacks workiing on Blosxom – hooray! I have to make this change over of systems. I go on about open source stuff too much to be not using it in a practical sense on the site.
Actually, i don’t go on about it much — but I’m thinking about it.
I had a subscription to the australian PC World magazine this last year and its just run out, which is fine by me because it was becoming less and less relevant. There’s only so many articles a fella about how to cut the amount of spam your windows machine is getting, particularly when he’s not using windows. And hardware reviews don’t interest me much either now. As a magazine it’s aimed at a certain level of computer proficiency and for sales reasons it makes sense for them to stay static at that level.
On the other hand, I’ve had a couple of looks at Linux Format magazine – about 90% of it is relevant (PC world was down to about 10%). It’s a bit more expensive, but the stuff that’s on the CDs (or DVD) makes it worth it.
Things such as the little gem of an application, Junkie – a graphical FTP client – with a difference. Along with the normal functionality of moving your files to and from places, it comes with a whole bunch of “yo momma”


jokes such as ‘yo momma so ugly that BigFoot takes pictures of her!’, and if that’s not your cuppa tea, there’s pictures of kittens too. Classy.

YS @ 9:43 pm, May 27, 2003

hi, from mars

That was the first time I’ve watched Eurovision. What a hoot! Maybe it’s just where my head’s at after dissecting ‘Hollywood realism’ cinematic conventions but it was really refreshing to see something that Hollyweird hasn’t got its hooks sunk into. There were lots of things that had me cackling at the unexpected nature of it all.
Highllights for me were – the Latvian guy who delivered the Latvian votes – something very funny about his look. I liked the Estonian song – interesting sense of revisionism they got going there. Kind of reminded me of the ‘Simon & Simon’ tv show theme – which is odd, because I can’t remember what that sounded like at all.
Then overall, the hosts did a good job – this is what I mean – the US imperialismo entertainment machine doesn’t seem capable of producing personalities who are both attractive and able to think for themselves. I don’t know the technical side of eurovision, but it looked pretty damn live to me (as evidenced by that one country that muffed up their votes (that’s the kind of thing ‘The Machine’ would’ve mandatorily pre-inserted a ten minute delay to iron out)) and they did really well on the fly.
I liked the clay-mation style graphics. Someone should make a DeskTop Environment GUI theme liike that. Nice kind of organic touch. And that was the general thing of it I liked – there were those culturally and aesthetically speaking, mutie genes that’ve been bred out of hollyweird. Things like a predisposition for really bright hair dye (and a few noses; splendorous in their natural form). Heh heh – just before Mangan mentioned the red hair I was thinking it too – what’s with all the hair dye?
The diversity was great and there was a good vibe about it all – they all appeared to really excited to be part of it.
The voting system was a bit of a spin-out. It’s more complex than what we use here to elect parliament!
I was secretly going for the Russian girls. S’pose I’m a sucker for controversy, and the song was okay too – me being an electro-head and all. But the Belgian song was good too – an interesting tac. to use a made up language (although it reminded me of some kind of African, and a bit ‘Deep Forestish’) in a situation where language plays a strange role. The Turkish song was pretty catchy for a pop song too – good on ‘em.
Where was Italy, Switzerland and Finland?
I thought some of the regional favouritism was funny. Sweden gave top votes to Norway, Norway to Iceland, Portugal to Spain, UK to Ireland—and UK getting a big round 0 from everybody.
Graham has some to say about it all, as does Cora (on Sunday, May 25, 2003 entry – can’t get a permalink) who’s been watching it for a long time.
PS. Oh yeah, Denmark was noticably absent too.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com
date: 2003-05-26-10-31
Damnit! I was meaning to watch that..

Saw the advertisments and thought it would be hilarious.. Was it long? And who won?

name: Monkey
url: iamthemonkey.com/blog/
date: 2003-05-26-10-45
heh, I fell asleep right after the singing stopped and those awful hosts started talking. What was with all the white pants? There is NO reason for white pants. Ever.

I hear Turkey won.

name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-26-10-46
It’s being repeated on SBS next saturday or Sunday because some people prefer the English commentary. Turkey won. It was about three hours – no ad. breaks – but it went pretty quick.

name: Jon
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-05-26-11-10
Being of partially norwegian – I can say that the swedes givin the norwegians a high score is unusual =) It’d be like the Kiwis congratulating the Aussies on a well played rugby world cup =).

name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-26-17-37
Yeah, but isn’t most of that kind of thing constructed by the media? It’s like the melbourne v. sydney rivalry thing :^)

name: robert
email: orangecat@urban.net.au
url: felineboy.blogspot.com
date: 2003-05-26-18-25
hi, thanks for dropping by my page.
“little green men” was actually the season 2 premiere, in which mulder goes to the arecibo satellite dish and has a “visitation”, and scully comes to get him out. the x-files are still closed at that point.
“pusher” was a good episode, and had a sequel later on in the series, with some japanese title i can’t remember,

name: Cora
email: cora@corabuhlert.com
url: www.corabuhlert.com
date: 2003-05-27-11-11
Nice to know that the Eurovision Song Contest is even broadcast in your part of the world.

Regarding your questions, yes, the whole event is broadcast live including bloopers (such as the Bosnian woman messing up the votes) et al. There were even funnier ones in past years, e.g. the host losing her skirt on stage or the winner dropping the trophy and breaking it.

Latvia certainly doesn’t need the US entertainment industry to produce celebrities. It’s one of the most musical countries I’ve ever seen.

I agree that the Estonian song was pretty good, though I wonder just why they’s want to go back to the 80s, as Estonia was still part of the USSR back then and not very happy about it. And I doubt that they had Simon & Simon on TV.

Finland, Denmark, Luxemburg etc… were absent because they did too badly in last year’s contest. There are about 40 countries in Eurovision and only 26 slots, so whoever ends up in the last few places misses out the following year. The only exception are the largest countries (Germany, Spain, France, UK) who are allowed to take part no matter what. This is what saved Germany this year (we finished in third last place in 2002) and will save the UK in 2004.

The political voting has actually declined since they introduced telephone voting, it was much worse in the old days. However, there usually is a trend towards neighbouring countries. And Turkey always tends to get a lot of points from Germany, because we have a large Turkish minority.

name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-27-13-42
Hey robert, I remembered this morning on the toilet that “Killswitch” was another of my faves. The Stephen King one was a bit weak, but it was a great idea to get guest writers in to do episodes.

Cora – that’s a good point about Estonia and the Iron Curtain – I didn’t think of that. The TV station that aired it here had a ring-in poll too and Croatia won by heaps, which might say something about where a lot of folks are from. But then again, there’s a decent sized Greek community here also, but maybe they weren’t watching TV.

YS @ 10:25 am, May 26, 2003

a little dog named snuckles

Via the o’reallys weblogs, is this illegal art exhibit site. The EULA is funny and the rest is dead interesting. Particularly this Negativeland cover on the visuals page. The guy from Negativeland was on RRR once and he played a couple of versions of the track and this longer thing that had a lot of Casey Kasem out-takes (I’d say it was one of those ‘don’t piss off your sound engineer because they have access to everything you’ve ever said in the studio’ type situations.) where he goes ballistic abusing people, swearing and really paying out on U2 – it’s really funny. I taped it and it’s one of those things that I’d dearly like to digitise because eventhough it’s only a tape of radio – there’s like only 15 copies of the single australia and maybe the world.
The stuff on the audio page is interesting too.

Got my 4000 word visual texts assignment finished today. Thank goodness for that.

YS @ 5:26 pm, May 25, 2003

it’s true what they say d jn24tb650

I watched Deliverance on vid last night. Golly it was a bit full on. I don’t think I’ll be able to hear ‘duellin’ banjos’ in the same old way ever again. And how’s about this freaky little ‘billy—crikey! Good movie though – reminded me that violent scenes when done ‘well’ and sufficiently spaced apart can still be disturbing. I thought i’d been desensitised or something. Kind of unexpectedly grizzly like that – at times I was thinking, ‘gee, maybe I should’ve got Desperately Seeking Susan afterall. It’s supposed to big on the pomo front.
What I liked about it: Jon Voight, the weird lookin’ kid with the banjo.
What I didn’t like about it: the weird lookin’ kid withh the banjo.
More plot detail here.

Been having another fiddle around with Blosxom today (link: below, right). I must be sadistic – it’s rather frustrating. I think its author may be under the impression that humans are psychic and therefore quarter of a ‘howto’ install is more than sufficient. If I ever get it working to a point where it could functionally take over from mt, then I swear i will write some instructions for chumps here.
RevJim has a method of moving MT entries to blosxom including comments. Looks challenging, but I’m glad someone figured it out.

YS @ 6:47 pm, May 24, 2003

fertiliser, vacuum cleaners and the occasional buried swimming pool

Now I know how to telephone my house if I ever wake up and found I accidentally went to america. It’s 011-612-etc.

I’m listening to the Twin Peaks soundtrack at the moment. It’s very nice – very soft, and a couple of them are those funky finger-clickin’ numbers. At some point down the track I’ve got to get a xylophone.

I don’t know how many other movable type users out there use the textile plug in, but considering it’s the only one that comes standard with the set up I’d expect it to be a bit more solid than it is.
I’ve added this site to my list of standard places to ping: http://www.mod-pubsub.org/kn_apps/blogchatter/ping.php they want to see if they can get enough people pinging them to crash their machines. That’s a cause I’m happy to be part of.

There was a good article here on Mowabi today (in fact they been kicking goals all round lately) and I didn’t get out everything about short people. S’pose I’ve had a mild facination with smallness (and really smallness) for a while. A few years back I read this newspaper article that was about how midgets or short people had this secret political lobby and they were organising to get one of their own into some kind of position, like Mayor of Melbourne or something. They’d have these campaign meetings, and if you were a person of a more normal height and you wanted to go along then you had to stay on your knees.
I don’t know – maybe it was all made up.
But what if society was violently overthrown by little people and we normals became their slaves? Did that happen on a ‘Goodies’ episode?
I had this task at the time of writing a half-hour screen play and I did it about a very short man who was a crooner (like Mr. Sinatra, or that Iglacius fella) and he had an absolutely magical voice and became very successful but could never come to terms with being a midget and ended up running in front of a (very slow moving) train.
It didn’t come out very well, so I’ve never thought of sticking it here. Screenplays is hard.

Spouting.net will be moving to a new server sometime in the ill-defined near future. It might mean a little downtime, be advised.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com
date: 2003-05-23-10-17
Derelict swimming pools and horror movies.

name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-23-15-24
Okay – I’ll tell you what I mean if you tell me what you mean.
An old US democrat (D) with a drawling voice said on the news last night that F, V.Cs and T.O.B.S.P was all Bush et. al. found in Iraq. It sounded funny.

name: Graham
url: grudnuk.com
date: 2003-05-24-00-38
Indeed there was a Goodies episode like that; all the blacks left South Africa so they decided to discriminate on height (apart-height!), so Bill and a heap of jockeys were persecuted until they staged a rebellion.

name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-24-18-51
Ah-ha. Yes that rings a bell.

YS @ 10:45 pm, May 22, 2003

everything’s just great

Something I’ve been meaning to get for a long time is a ‘3.5mm stereo plug to 3.5mm stereo plug’, or as i termed it to the sales dude, ‘it’s like a little headphone jack at one end, and it’s like that at the other end too’. I got one. It’s stuck between the datamachine sound card and the beat box and now I can hear all the mp3s with a bit more bass. It’s pretty sweet. There’s a couple of tracks that the computer speakers were slaughtering because most of the sound is deep down. The only minus is that it’s only coming out in mono, so now there’s some tracks where people would sing loudly, but now they’re a long way off.
It’d be great if all the audio devices were all linked up – the record player, and especially if I could get the flow the other way so that stuff I’ve got on tape could be ripped into some format on das machine.

Back here I mentioned this film, tout va bien that I was trying to track down for an assignment – the uni library people say their copy is missing in action, and there’s no chance that the rental shops in this town would have it, so I checked the local public library. They didn’t have it either, but they did have a Tin-Tin book by the same name – so I reviewed that for school.

Telstra customer service rang me yesterday to see how I was doing, and if they could make life easier for me. They do it every couple of months. I think next time they do, I’ll action the recently invented (by my brain) concept of reverse crank-calling them. I was cackling for half an hour thinking about what I could say to them. Will have to tape it and upload it to here, once I’ve got my grand unified audio system set up.

Excitement machine say June Cash died the other day. :^(
She’s one of those people who I’m sure deserves credit for a hell of a lot more than she currently gets. That’s it. I’m going to Jackson.

YS @ 10:28 pm, May 21, 2003

fell from a clock tower during “hell night”

They had this guy on the radio this morning. News to me – I didn’t know people could get sneaker fetish. I s’pose it’s no different from other collecting obsessions – it’s probably just that it’s the footwear corporations that are often used as the public face of globalised exploitation that makes collecting sneakers seem excessive.
Ah… who am I kidding… all those sneakers look crap! :p Let me keep my cons over them anyday.

TPG are upgrading the geelong POP. That’s why it was out the other day. They emailed back saying that it’ll be a bit congested because of this and it’ll take six weeks. Apart from a few weeks back, it hasn’t been that bad really. Just a little bottle-necked between 5 and 8pm. They say they don’t apologise for this – fair enough. The avid reader will have recognised my tendency to get foamy at the mouth over organisations that I’ve no control over, but tpg isn’t one of them. They’re pretty good (apart from being formed by ASIO).

It’s that stage of the 4 (but generally spiralling out to 7) week cycle to thank all those who oomph for spouting. Thanks! :)

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-05-20-22-15
Hey I just signed up for a TPG account. They seem to be doing ok. What’s this ASIO business then?
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-20-22-32
Ah… well, I seem to remember hearing this – that in the 60s asio or pine gap set it up as an internal (govt only) network but then at some point they didn’t need it any more and it was privatised or whatever — made open to the public.

Of course the validity of this memory I have grows fuzzier by the day – and I’ve never been able to find any collabrative evidence, and I can’t remember where it was that I read it intially.
So, all up it make for a good bed time story but probably not much more.
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name: crisp
url: http://
date: 2003-05-21-21-03
hey I’m with tpg too and I reckon they’re great! anyway, this guy has a fetish for jumpsuits :) enjoy!

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name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-05-21-22-30
The ASIO thing.. Another obscure reference then.. I don’t feel so bad :)
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-21-22-37
Yeh – I’m like – 40% sure I’m making it up.

Well, according to a lot of science fiction, jumpsuits or at least soft-cloth cover-alls is the way of the future, so perhaps this fellow is a visionary, Crisp. :^)
I used to have a bright orange pair of mechanic coveralls but they were a bit too small. Probably drawn to the colour more than anything – they gave off a zingin’ Jimmy Neutron vibe.
Jumpsuitman is a really nice story.

YS @ 8:21 pm, May 20, 2003

mouse saga, pt.4

The other day I was sitting on the couch here and noticed a small shadow darkening the doorway – the other side of the flywire door.

<%image(20041124-mouseandgnome.jpg|186|398|mouse and gnome)%>

A mouse was out there – I’m always a little disturbed by this kind of thing, but chilled out after realising there was no way he was going to get in. It hung around for ages. It felt a bit vindictive, but I tried a pre-emptive strike and stuck the mouse trap (which had been sitting idly in here for a while) out there on the door grid/mat.
As always, there were greater forces in play and it turned out that the trap is a dud. The mouse literally climbed onto the pressure plate and jumped up and down on it a la Sylvester of Looney Toons. It didn’t stop there. Two of his buddies showed up and the all had a go – together. Three mice foolin’ around, doing mouse shit (metaphorically speaking) on my door mat and me sqatted down 2.5 feet away watching (sadly, I didn’t have the kamera in hand at that point).
I was trying really hard to get a sense of harmony between me and them, and did – at least while there out there. Hey, Peace, mice. I chucked the trap in the bin.
So after all these good vibes I was wondering how come I haven’t seen them again since. I was using chocolate on the trap, and they really seemed to enjoy it. But then I remembered – don’t dogs get really sick or dead if you feed them chocolate? (ref. Oreos ad.) Maybe I killed the mice afterall.
Pictured above: mouse on trap (rather candid do you think? Reminds me of a snap of an office worker in a park eating lunch.) and Gary Garden Gnome (aka reading gnome in back.

YS @ 6:21 pm, May 19, 2003

sunday evening, reconstituted

Well this is highly irregular but there’s nothing else I can do. It seems the local TPG POP hyper text transfer protocolation isn’t working. I can ftp and email fine but no web, so sticking this here is like feeling around in the dark. I’m sure it’s not me – none of the OSes I got set up work.
Don’t actually have much to say anyway. This morning when it went out i thought that it must be a sign that I should focus on assignment writing for the day – but there’s only so much I can do before I get brain-burn.
Yesterday I saw a clown get out of a car. Mini? Beetle? No – nissan skyline. What kind of car is that for a clown?
I’m not much into astrology – these days at least. I used to be fairly curious about it and kept an attitude of ‘the jury’s still out’ on it. It’s pretty damn complicated – much moreso than a newspaper and divvying everyone up into 12 categories will allow for. I suppose I’ve just lost interest in what the verdict is. But there’s one thing that still clicks in – and that’s hearing that Mercury has gone retrograde. This means that to the eye it actually looks like mercury is going backwards. i dunno what the science explanation is. It happens for about 3 or 4 weeks 2 or sometimes three times a year. Me, being a gemini, am supposedly affected by this more than the average punter, because according to it, so the story goes, Mercury is my god (as in OMG, OMFG, OrMorGord, and godammit). The general effect is that communications of all sorts screw up – sending letters, emails, HTTP, websites disappear, crossed wires… you name it. It’s been retro all of this month and has another week to go I think – and it’s sure whipping its tail around on the way out.
Maybe this is also useful as an excuse as to why geelong is doing so crap in the footy. WooHoo – go geelong. Hey at least they’re being consistent for once. The usual drill is blitz the first half of the season then drop the hambags. I’m almost tempted to start barracking for them again because of this refound underdog status. Brizzy is no fun now they win all the time. Not that I pay attention to footy really.
I hope this looks okay – because I can’t change it.

YS @ 8:19 pm, May 18, 2003

when planets spin the wrong way

Web Site III: The Search For Spork opened last night. Apparently it’s very good! but in places looks a little like the last one.. and has a fresh new look. ;)

Things have gone a bit haywire. Somehow overshot the runway completely yesterday – and didn’t get to sleep til 5am – it was either a pot of tea I made (wherewith I dispensed with the whole ‘using a spoon’ to measure the stuff out with and instead just poured it in. Perhaps a bit strong) or the full moon — that went so early this afternoon. Either way, I didn’t make it to the lecture this morning. No I
finally succeeded in breaking Slackware Linux through upgrading the glibc package when I probably shouldn’t have. It was all going so nice too. Putting all the bits back together again now. I’ll stick with slack and be a little more cautious with the pkgtool.

Two weeks ago I sent of a money order to the web space people I’m moving my stuff to, but haven’t heard from them yet. In the last couple of days I’ve started to get this queasy feeling that I forgot to write USA in the address, and that I completely forgot to stick one of those par avon/air mail stickers on it. Surely those things aren’t neccessary these days, right? It’s just an aesthetic thing you put on it to feel good and important… I hope. Surely they don’t put mail on boats anymore – if it doesn’t have a frikkin’ little blue and white air mail stamp. Ah boy.

Today’s been one of those ‘muddled days’, as pooh bear would say. I forgot how roundabouts worked at a rather inopportune time.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-05-17-00-02
You didn’t get hit by a car did you?
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-17-09-17
No, but I sailed on through witout being sure if I should’ve been.
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name: Jon
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-05-17-14-51
My apologies =) I changed the look at a moments notice =) I was going to wait a while but when you start it’s hard to stop hehehe =)
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name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com
date: 2003-05-19-12-56
Are you saying that “the local TPG POP hyper text transfer protocolation isn’t working” because “Mercury has gone retrograde” ??
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-19-16-41
Correct-o-mundo compadre! – or at least I was – it’s disappered.
No matter, I’m back in business. :)

YS @ 9:04 pm, May 16, 2003

“Why am I apologising?”

DJ2 is the only guy who could equal dave thrussell as far as pulling out some really fun stuff on the radio, and there’s this song, “I want a cookie” that he’s played a couple of times — and miraculously, a [large brandname search engine] of its lyrics found it out there on the net. It definitely gets the Spouting seal of quality quirkiness and is well worth the 3.4Mb download. What’s the catch? You’ve gotta wade knee-deep through gay prawn to get at it (ain’t it always the way?) but it’d be rude of me to deep-link straight to the song.

<%image(20041125-cookie.png|150|53|cookie)%>“Are they telling you that people who grew up in connecticut are stupid?”

Also, dr-walker is one half of air liquide (mentioned a couple of days ago) and there’s some pretty zappin’ electronic tracks for the grabbin’ on his site. Been a while since I’ve heard some electronic music that’s really electronic like that – particularly ‘don’t phuck with cologne’ is good.

– images actually from a ‘how to sharpen knives video’.

YS @ 10:44 am, May 15, 2003
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