No Linux whatsoever at the nerdfair yesterday. I guess it’s one of those ‘you can’t always get what you want…’ situations. i got my Hacker Sticker today. Now i’ve got to decide what’s permenent enough to make it worth while being stuck on.

Easter seems to have got me hooked on chocolate again. I was hammering all day yesterday and eventually got my psychology assignment done. I can see the point of laboratory reports for psy but it just don’t work to say, ‘hey you, now write an assignment and keep it scientific! I don’t want to see any subjectivity in there.’ But anyway – in the special style guide at the end it says ‘now you’ve finished you’re assignment, well done! go buy yourself some chocolate. Get dark, coz that’s the best’. No, but it does say to reward yourself. That’s a suggestion i don’t have a problem following.

Product purchase of the week: New Organics “Cheese-Os”—MMMmm, Yummmo!
Well, okay maybe it was a bit like tinned spag., but everything in it is organic which is pretty amazing and I think it tasted better for it. Plus Richard Scary is in on it. I saw this can (it was the last one) in NQR and i looked at the worm and said, “I know you. Your name is Lowly”. I had a Scary book when I was small and I hadn’t thought about it – Lowly, that cat (I don’t remember his name) and that apple car that Lowly drives – for decades. The story was about a bread stick thief i think. It’s French, but, y’know—the words were english.


It’s been almost a week since I had a go at Telstra so here’s another one. There would appear to be (ya like that? that’s how they talk in psychology essays – “There would appear to be..” a correlation between the slickness of models/actors used in advertising campaigns and the extent to which you, dear consumer, are being screwed. All a bit too professional, attractive, straight and unreal—and expensive. The DSS is the same – none of those people in their pamphlets look unemployed.
Now, compare the telstra tv ad. campaign to Dodo’s. They use a computer graphic bird with a funny voice – and the real kicker – a little fat kid. You gotta applaud Dodo just for getting little fat kids back in the public eye. If you’ve not seen the commercial, there’s a situation where the kid’s sitting in front of a computer looking forlorn. Dodo flies in and delivers cheap broadband. Large cream pies are used to symbolise unlimited downloads. The kid holds five piled on top of each other. Then with a facial expression that could only be described as “ferocious enthusiam”, the kid bites into one, while looking straight at dodo and almost moving a bit toward him…. kinda scary. All this over a boofin’ kiddy-techno jingle.
I really like that ad.

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