Death Rides A Honda Spacey

Mum borrowed me her TV because they are using my brother’s now. My younger brother, ssschew dropped by today to drop it off and he even carried it in here – he’s taller n’ me, got musclier gunz than me, and now I hear he’s got a girlfriend heh heh – at long last. That means that now all my sibs are ‘gettin’ some’ except me. blarg.
It’s a big tv. Mine has been slowly dying – fading to black, literally. The other week i watched _Blue Velvet_, and I tell ya, I couldn’t see much at all. A lot of the scenes were shot at night or in dimly lit rooms, so i was sitting here in the dark. What’s the deal with David Lynch always getting Kyle MacLachlan to be in his stuff? – ‘Twin Peaks’, _Dune_, and _Blue Velvet_. i don’t see what’s so cult-status about it.
Anyway i had to move stuff around because of the big tv – this place is small. I don’t know that it’s such a good thing – it might give me 4eyes. And i don’t know if tv _should_ be that big – sure there’s a few good things on there but there’s a lot of shudderous things to like Neighbours ads with big-shots of Frog-toad winking – yeech.

I need a new operating system. I’m going to the nerd fair tomorrow to see if they have anything – mandrake 9.1 would do, even if it’s obsolete in 6 months. I stuck Slackware on here again the other day but haven’t had the time to get it properly tweaked, and it seriously is time I don’t have right now. But there was this guide/opinion bit that got me inspired to have a persevere with it again at some point. At least mandrake is good out of the box. Now there’s an expression that’s being flogged a lot.

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