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I’ve been listening to a CD of spaghetti western tracks all done by the grand-daddy of the spag. western score, Ennio Morricone. A couple of them are sung by a, well, a gringo like me – and others have lyrics I can’t understand – which I like. It’s all very weird in an upbeat kooky kind of way. One track on there sounds a lot like some classic classical piece which got me tangenting off to get out the red vinyl ‘Disco Saturday Nacht’ – feverish sounds of 1830 – Eine Kleine Disco Band, Featuring disco concerto ‘(Love in) a Turkish Bath’. “You have in your hands the most exciting _different_ Disco record ever made! That’s a big statement … but this is a big album. What we have here is a triumph of communication– from the 18th century to tomorrow.”
The scary thing is – that’s by no means the trashiest record I have.

The other CD borrowed from the library this week is the _Taxi Driver_ soundtrack. It has some of the spoken word bits – _but they cut the swearing_ . Strange thing for a soundtrack album to do.

Ah man, I’m having one of those days where i can’t find anything and the things i can find aren’t working right.

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I always like dthe theme to “the Magnificent Seven” though I’m not sure that it counts as a spaghetti western. Come to think of it, what makes a western – spaghetti??

Anyway, Yul Brynner is cool.
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I think it’s westerns that were made to look american but weren’t made in america. They were more low budget, and only started after the initial wave of original westerns had died off, but ended up breathing life back into the original western format.
At least – that’s what it says in the liner notes of this CD. :^)

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