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Hey that ‘recent referrers’ thing is turning out pretty fun. I could add the code to all the pages but then the list’d just be a barrage of ‘lament for the death of a bullfighter lorca’ and surprise chef.
I’ve added more people to the link list since the colour change: Myrrhine of Myrr Purrs who’s into site design, can repair laptops with nothing but masking tap and is relatively local. Also, The Excitement Machine, which has some good links sometimes. And media in motion which I find raava interesting in a ‘the internet as a bunch of communications mediums’ way – it’d be way more cool than studying tv like I am at the moment. Then there’s le fotoblog, 9:9am log – written in french and english by JM (which I’ve mentioned here before). The gang there also recently added a Flash-based ‘jog around Paris’ extravaganza. And last – shauna – what’s new pussycat which is a pretty popular australian weblog, and damn funny too.
All very good indeed. I think I’m on the lookout next for a leet webloggen nerdlinger or two to balance things out.

I’m giving yoper Linux another go and liking it a bit more. There were quirks that I couldn’t handle last time– it’s very strict with permissions, I can’t hardly do anything from the user account. But kde 3.1 is very nice and more stable than I thought. The Yoper people also opened a forum on their site too, which helps a lot for some of those odd little things which don’t make sense at first glance.
What happened was that my existing partitions got renumbered, and by the time I realised I could probably retrace my steps it was too late and I couldn’t boot back to mandrake. Thankfully nothing was lost. I did try red hat again yesterday and this morning but their ‘up2date’ service seems to be totally stuffed, and it was never very enticing to begin with. Plus the things that belong in the “What _were_ they thinking?” basket – like not including an MP3 plugin.
I’m very impressed with this Opera 7.0.1 B1– it’s not really beta at all as far as I’m concerned. The inbuilt M2 mail client is good enough for me to give up evolution, and during each of these jilted installs I’ve been able to set it up no problems and bung the all-important bookmarks folder straght into it. I haven’t fully explored it, but I think bookmarks can even be saved as an html file, and there’s spam filters for M2 too.

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