oh dear, it happened again

I forgot to say happy easter. Happy easter. I almost forgot how it works – like x-buns on friday, chocolate on sunday. I was hoping to pick up some cheap, slightly out of season x-buns today in town but the prices ain’t dropped. It’s another of these things that comes out topsy-turvy while living in the southern hemisphere while following a n.hemisphere timetable. “New Life” is the non-religious specific theme, but the only way I can make sense of that is changing it from new biological life to new mental/intellectual life.
Maybe it’s just the way the external sturctures postition things, but now til mid-Nov. is the “getting down to business” part of the year here. Summer is when brains happily turn to fudge, or mine does anyway – not completely – it’s subtle. This cool morning air is good for thinking. Darkness is good for inspiration.

This is probably as good a time as any to make a general announcement to folks who have those web-based visit-tracking systems, like “eXTreMe Tracking” and whatever the other ones are called — that when you click back through to the originating web site it can expose your password. Of course, I’m assuming that people’s intentions are to keep their password and visit statistics private. Maybe they don’t mind other people having a geezer. If you are innerested in keeping such things private, the best thing to do is copy the curiosity-inducing link, paste into yer browser and go have a look that way. I mention this because of the little “Top 10 last visitors” thinga-ma-jig I stuck down there bottom right.

Anyway, I really should jump back off– I accidentally severely fucked up my hard disk partition system and can’t get back into my normal mandrake set-up. I thought I’d grown out of these self-induced catastrophies… :^)
Maybe I’ll have another go of Red Hat 8.

Here’s a foto from inside the hot house at the Bot. Gardens – I reckon just a tad of blue tint and it’d look like it was under water. Was walking around there today and it was gorgeous. Haven’t been there in yonks.

<%image(20041206-hothouse.jpg|288|216|hot house)%>

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