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Just a quick-un to say the site was down for the last 5 hours or so – I don’t know that anyone else noticed, but I did. Yet, amazingly – it wasn’t my fault. It was the people who I paid to host this site, but I’ll leave the dishing out on them to another day.
I’d already done some preliminary scouting for a new web host and right now I’m craning around to ask the spouting chief financial officer (he’s the one in the tin foil headgear) how soon we can make the move. By May 11 he says. Excellent I say.
After a brief discussion with signor newbie I decided that digitalbiz is the go. For the same price as what I got this 12 months with incompetents inc. – digitalbiz give twice the amount of space, a mysql database, and from what I’ve seen of jeremy’s site (his is with them) they seem to be able to accomplish the miraculous feat of keeping web servers running.

Anyway, slacking off time is over. It’s another week of hammer n’ anvil before uni goes back next Monday. More later.

name: Jay
date: 2003-04-21-22-42
Hey yes! I noticed it was down.. but assumed that it was the crap proxy server that I have to use at work. It’s like I keep trying to tell so many of my clients, “internet is not an exact science”. It inherently has random (or hard to control) factors built in.. like the path that a piece of data travels from one side of the world to another
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-04-21-23-48
Heh, yeah. Funnily enough I was much more aware of things like Kraken biting through under-sea cables when I was on Bigpond. That was always happening to them – kraken, loch ness monster, mynoks.

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