Telstra: I KILL YOU!

Y’know I’m not crazy about the idea of cybernetic implants, but if I _had_ to get one I’d have an electric eye which could take photos. I’m always seeing people or things or whatever out on the street where unholstering a camera would be way too conspicuous or clumsy or slow– like this old guy near the supermarket in a ridgey-didge sea captain’s hat and skivy – absolute classic. I’m not making fun of them – I applaude their oddness and out-of-placeness. I’m always seeing bumper stickers too – bumper stickers are a great form of cultural communication. Like “I wish I had an Oakley sticker like all the other wankers”, and another that was easily the biggest sticker I’ve ever seen (it took took up half of the back windscreen), “I’d like to see how well you drive after i stick that mobile phone up your ass”.

Damn! How expensive are easter eggs these days?! I saw a rather smallish average-lookin’ bilby for $4.49 today. Even the politically incorrect bunnies were dear. I think I’m going to have to try making them myself next year.

Speaking of sweet stuff (and supermarkets) – out at NQR yesterday — I mentioned a while back all the whacky marketing ideas that gather on the shelves there – and these apple pies shaped like Tasmania. Yesterday I was thinking ‘ah c’mon I’ll give ’em a go’, and went in for a closer look … to find that it’s a _salmon_ pie – yeech! No wonder they’re not selling… fish pie … ug.
There was an article in Nexus mag a couple of months ago about this product called Xylitol – it’s a sweetener. It’s not new; it was invented by Finns during WW2 because they were having sugar shortages. It’s extracted from birch bark – so not artificial. And it leaves refined sugar and artificial sweeteners for dead. Let’s face it, refined sugar technically is a toxin – it takes more energy/nutrients to process it than it gives– it gives nothing really, just a nasty little high that’s followed by a twice-as-long low.
Xlyitol is almost the complete opposite, it’s more like the natural sugars found in fruit – and it’s even good for your teeth!
In the article they were saying something like ‘it’s good to have something with a little bit of it in it just before bed’ which spun me out, because in the last couple of years I’ve kind of self-conditioned me to be wary of anything that was obviously sugared up, knowing that it’s no good for me. My gums are succeptible to the stuff.
Xylitol is now being sold in australia by these people. Unfortunately it’s expensive, compared to normal sugar. I’d still like to give it a go sometime to see what the difference physically feels like.

Telstra is a vampire and I am Romanian village peasants. The charge for a normal line connection is going up _again_ next month and they’re ditching the ‘neighbourhood’ call charge, which was advantageous to me because my local TPG POP connection was close enough to fit into that category. Every price-hike means more GST too. It sucks. Me dry. I want to look into if Optus are any better.

name: Jay
date: 2003-04-17-22-54
Telstra pisses me off too!

Phone line rental is like $25 a month.. I thought about not having a land line and using that $25 to go towards a broad band connection.. but of course, there is no cable in my area, so I would need to pay for a phone so that I could get ADSL!
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name: Quanta
date: 2003-04-18-22-24
We all know how evil telsta is – that what they told is a Optus camp.

Optus – Join us!
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-04-19-09-04
Unfortunately I don’t think Optus can offer much more when all I’m wanting from them is the home phone.

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