nudy boy

It really doesn’t take much to buy me. A $3 sticker will get you a link on this page. This is why I keep urging the vendors to send me hardware to review– I’d guarantee them a positive slant, and they wouldn’t even have to let me keep the stuff.
I refer, of course, to Hacker Stickers (over on the right) which was posted about on Core. Go here – you stick a link on your site and they send you _Your Choice_ of one of several stickers. I like the phone phreaker one – it’d look good on a skateboard, one of those skinny plastic banana-yellow 80s ones.
But I couldn’t go past the ‘hacker’ written in japanese letters one. It’s so leet (did i spell that right?). The only place where this leetness wouldn’t work is in japan, where it’d


kind of be like walking down the street here wearing a t-shirt that with ‘nudy boy’ written on it.

Also, Opera 7.10(beta) for Linux has been invented. Not a moment too soon either. I was having some trouble with it not remembering its size when I’d fire-it-up – apparently this is just a fluxbox problem – and after using Oppy in enlightenment this arvo, its working okay now.

The other thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that after 8 or 9 months of serving up small and occasionally puzzling pictures, ‘Rockin’ out with:’ has gone on holidays for a while and will be back at some other time.

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