Nepalese Bliss

Well if shampooing your hair can be orgasmic, then printing out a completed assignment via a cross-platform application (like Open/Star Office) should be positively fucking beatific!
for the first time ever I’m having trouble printing in Linux. I know this is one of the things I hear people somtimes wail and bemoan, “Woe, woe, I can’t get the printer to work!”, but the second thing I bought after the Lil’ Lugger laptop 186– way back when… was the printer. So it was old enough for the Linux movement to have it sorted.
While putting everything together again after this last move, I got this zany idea that the printer could be connected via the parallel-port scanner, eventhough there’s never been (and never will be) any real P-port scanner support in Linux.
Long story short — I couldn’t get it going the night before I needed it. I writ the assignment in openoffice so could shunt it across to windows and use staroffice. Sweet.

This morning i had a really intense day-dream about being really moneyed but not having done anything to get get it. Falling arse-backwads into it. i was thinking of all the things I would get and what I’d do. it was lots of fun, too much fun maybe.

Everytime I’m forced to write essays and what not I get this overwhelming urge to write fiction. I wanna have a go at a detective story, eventhough I’ve never read any and had trouble even following the plots of ‘Murder She Wrote’. Geelong’s looking very hard-boiled tonight. One of the pubs has a couple of those giant search-lights tracking the sky and there’s lightning way off in the distance.

floating my boat this week:
Amon Tobin – remix of The Irresistable Force’s Nepalese Bliss
– Sordid … (Both of these sound like adventures in far off and obscure places – like Tin-Tin gone cyberpunk noir. There’s a voice sample from some movie in Nepalese Bliss and I’m desperate to find out what it is… )

Disicko (sp. ?) – Get your Freak On (Have heard this on the radio a couple of times. “Getchya freak on UH, Getchya freak on UH”. Excellent for sticking in your boombox and doing aerobics on top of Ian Curtis’ grave to.

Spelling ‘fat’, “Phat”. “Hey guy them’s some PHAT treads on you treadly. Stylin!” Word.

name: Jon
date: 2003-04-12-08-56
Can’t get over the Chris Tucker version “Girl your PHAT!” (Pretty Hot And Tempting) =)
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name: Graham
date: 2003-04-12-12-08
Heh. Dsico’s stuff is at
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-04-12-15-20
I’ll have to have a fish around the networks for that one Jon.

Thanks Graham – I heard the name on the radio, so wasn’t sure of the spelling.

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