Re: dear

a) Try not to grin so much. That would be a good start.

b) Uh, double check that you actually have those typefaces installed…

c) No.

d) Thanks. 🙂

Hope this helps, god

At 12:59 PM 09/04/2003 +1100, you wrote:

What can i do to not look so much like a thug? It gets dark early now and when i take my evening constitutional I invariably get scaredy-cat looks from lone people out on the footpath. You know I’m not a thug. In fact, most of the time I’m grinnin’ like an idiot at nothing in particular! Is it the jacket? Does it look bad, in a michael jackson kind of way?


PS. Could you please make the Opera people hurry up with their 7.0 version for Linux– 6.11 won’t display the bold or italicised Andale Mono typefaces.

PPS. Can you do my homework for me.

PPPS. I like the beard! It suits you.

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