hepped up

Maybe it’s just the choc-chip hot X buns and the sugary indiepop (machine translations) talking, but I feel good.
Also listening to Underworld – their live album; ‘Everything, Everything’. The housey/trancey/whatever you want to call it edge of electronic music isn’t usually my cup of tea, but this album is rather listenable. I find there’s a tendency to use a lot of overused sounds in house/trance — but underworld don’t have that problem. Good to get into a certain mindframe to and work on something to. Very English sounding in an odd way, may be the connection of the track ‘Born Slippy’ to Trainspotting.

Core did a little bit about GeoUrls and I see that these two fellows were already on it.
Dang. I accidenatlly stuffed it up. Will have to wait til it updates before it places me properly. Right now it says i live at the GPO.

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