Gnumeric saves the day

I can write any sort of clap-trap — technical, abstract blah-blah what ever. It just comes out at different speeds depending on how native it is. Mathmatics has always been the downfall. From that day in grade two when I got another kid to do my times tables homework (a whole page of 9×6 etc.) I haven’t really looked back. It’s not like I was one of those big kids who had no problem coercing others to do things for me either. Due to where my birthday falls I was almost always the youngest in each year level at whatever school I was dropped into. i just really really didn’t like times tables and so was motivated thus. But there were consequences: I got found out, I got in trouble, teacher wrote “Lazybones” on my homework sheet.

Other people I’ve known of a similar ilk at least followed vegge-maths through to the end, thinking it’d be some benefit. I gave up and got out as soon as I could. And of the many things I’ve had to or have changed my attitude about, maths hasn’t been one of them.
Today, it’s biting me on the arse (ass, airse) – in statistics form. I supposedly learned this crap last year but already it makes no sense again. Thank gooh-ness for the GNU spreadsheet thingie! I tried using the Open Office equivalent, but how to work it was not immediately obvious so I dumped it. Gnumeric got me the stuff I needed when I was minutes away from spinning out completely, running down the street to the car park to hijack the bottleshop’s forklift and playing ‘Stack the cars on top of eachother’ until someone came to get me.
So in memory of that childhood SNAFU, I’m renaming Gnumeric Neil M. Let’s hope it doesn’t steal my sizable collection of footy swapcards a couple of months down the track.

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