xmms randomiser as minor deity

Xmms is one of the music file players available in Linux. It’s the one I use, it’s pretty solid. It has a ‘play tracks at random’ function. My collection of musics grabbed from the ether has just about reached a critical mass where I can listen to it for several hours each day. The random function always picks the right tunes.
I’ve been getting into (getting down with) GrandMaster Flash and the Furious 5, a lot into DJ Shadow and a little of Jurassic 5. As well as all the usual electronic stuff like aphex twin and boards of canada.
Just found temple of hip hop which is worth bookmarking for cultural studies in the second half of this year.
Also looking at pictures of intentionally smashed cars again.

, then, then, then,

It’s kind of a bummer but I’m short on head space again, already. Can appreciate how much time I had to let the trivialities roll around in my head through the day. So here’s part of a sequel: had several encounters with another beetle today. Have come to the conclusion that they must scrabble out onto the foot path to die. Like old esquimaux. I must’ve overturned it 8 or nine times during the morning, but everytime I went out there again the same thing. In the end it was almost standing upright on its hind legs to get belly-up. So I let it.
Having to read this text book, _Watching Television_ by Tony Wilson. It should be titled ‘How to fall asleep in 10 minutes or less’. In a jagged little star on the cover it could say, “Heartily Endorsed by the Insomniacs Foundation!”.
I haven’t got anything against the use of big words, but the sentence structure in this thing is unbelievable and completely unreadable. The classic “moreover” made an appearance today, I haven’t spotted “cogent” yet. And what the hell’s with this use of a comma-ed “then”? eg.

bq. The readings produced by a viewer are, *then*, articulated through conceptual frameworks characterised by both similarity bla bla bla bla blablaBLA.

All it does is make me lose my place– thinking why is that then there? I have a respect for the fine art of spinning crap into sounding like it’s saying something, but this book isn’t fooling me at all. Wilson, if you can read this… I’m coming to get you.

In my defense, it really has been a long time since I’ve had a whinge here. Really, it has.

I’ve been a bit slack getting around to implementing Creative Commons stuff here. Core beat me to it by miles. Am a bit stuck on the question of images. I’m regularly schnaffling images from this place or that on the net, so may have to add some individual clause dividing writing from images.

Giving Lycoris LX another go. I want to see if they’ve added KDE 3.1 to it. When i was running that in Yoper I was spun out by how cool it was when I’d just hover the cursor over a music file and would automatically get a ‘file preview’ of it – it’d just start playing. Incidentally, it’s interesting how many search strings I’m getting here for Yoper related questions. Yoper management isn’t trying to put on a friendly face at all. Their support person in the mailing list gives me the impression of snippiness. They have an archive of support questions and answers but you can only view it if your a paying customer (thus all the people looking here for ‘how to’ type stuff) which seems a bit premature considering they just got started. Yoper’s trying to eat Red Hat’s lunch, but I don’t think they’ll get too far unless they throw the bedroom hackers a bone. Every distro needs that layer of enthusiasts.

everything is a source of fun

I was watching _Star Trek: Insurrection_ on the weekend and was thinking about it again this morning after discussions about interfaces. Maybe they in the 23rd century have the human to computer interface really well sorted, or maybe it just _looks_ like they do.
There’s a scene in the early part where picard, while flying a shuttlecraft is able to punch up karaoke style lyrics to a Gilbert & Sullivan musical with Just Three ‘clicks’. It’s worrying. Imagine returning from the drink dispenser with a hot coffee in your hands, partly tripping on the swivel part of your swivel chair, sprawling across your piloting control panel, elbows and fingers pressing things.
Several hours later your crew find a dead you lying on a permanently coffee-stained carpet in your mangled shuttle on the planet’s surface, a ping-pong ball still bouncing across the top of the words to _HMS Pinafore_.

The biggest problem we have today is the keyboard. It seems so normal and adequate, but it has to change somehow. I’ve always wondered if it was made bigger and had keys for letter combinations like “ch” whether or not that’d help. Even if something was decided on, it’d take a whole generation to fully change over to.

I had a flying dream last night. They’re always a pleasant surprise, but I’m never satisfied. They often combine with just a touch of lucidity, so I’ll realise I’m having a flying dream but the actual flying controls are sluggish. It’s like trying to operate a joystick with my teeth. It’s more like floating than flying. Hovering over an old bunch of high school chums like a balloon.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com
date: 2003-03-05-12-32
ahh flying dreams.. i like them.

I am trying to categorise different types of flying dreams. It’s something that I ask people at parties: “when you dream you are flying – how do you do it?”.

So far, I reckon there is:

1) Flight of the Chicken. Madly flapping the wings (or arms).. this can be very tiring. And it’s a little in-elegant.

2) The Super hero. Requires a bit of a run and jump, out stretched arms and at least some kind of sustained effort or concentration. I am thinking “Greatest American Hero” here.

3) The float. This is by far my favourite. This is the effortless float of a ghost, very natural. Some of the scenes in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” are like this.
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
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date: 2003-03-05-12-49
Yeah – I know – I remember you mentioning this topic at Mowabi once. I was almost going to go into a ramble then but didn’t.

This recent one was a cross between 2 and 3. I was thinking it’s funny how the normal position assumed is the ‘superman’ or ‘greatest american hero’ — I mean – why not be lying upside down?
I got another category for you – ‘the moonjump’ – I used to have these a lot. where am basically walking but can push off with the toes and get these slow gentle bounces happening.
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name: Charles
url: ceicher.homeunix.com
date: 2003-03-08-15-14
I have flying dreams too. They’re always the same. I’m always flying down an empty highway at extremely high speed, with my chin about 2 inches off the pavement. I wonder what that means?

x-ray spex

The Mowabis are reporting an interesting phenomenon in japanese women’s apparel. I don’t know what to make of it. I know there’s always been a bit of an undie fetish there.

Deakin give out a CDrom each year full of average Windows-based software, but this year – probably because of that (is it altruistic or is it not?) ‘give a kid a word processin’ package’ drive which Sun Microsystems has been on, Star Office 6 was included on it too. Only the Windows version though, let’s not go nuts here. I always wanted a proper paid for official copy of StarOffice instead of OpenOffice– I’m just like that. Put something in a cardboard box with a picture on it, shrink wrap it and I’ll want it.
It’s said to have a few more typefaces than OOo, but I forgot to look. Once it was installed I wasn’t really interested in it anymore.

Had a little poke at a toshiba pda the other day in officeworks. I don’t know that they’d sell any more of them if they left them turned on, as this one was, but they’re heaps more fun when they are. I could get comfy with that little touch screen keyboard pretty quickly.

Ug, am tired. These days where I gotta give up my afternoon nap for an afternoon lecture are Killer.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-03-03-22-30
What are you studying YS? I’m sure you have mentioned it before
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-03-03-23-03
Psychology and communication studies.
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name: SirFlakey
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-03-04-09-43
I actually have an a Newton (120), a Palm III and now a Toshiba e740 (the big brother of the one you saw).. I have hardly ever used it .. which leads me to the conclusion that I am simply not organised enough to use an organiser.

I did however use the Newton quite a bit – the screen was large enough to write down uni notes etc. SO maybe I am simply waiting for the Star Trek Pad to become available.
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-03-04-10-35
Hehe. Not organised enough for an organiser…
Actually, I can understand that. The adress book and scheduler applications don’t appeal to me much – most of those things i if I can’t remember them in my head then they’re not that important. The plain text jotting is different though.

What I was thinking but too brained to actually write it last night was: that I’d always been skeptical about how efficient touching a stylus to the virtual keyboard on the screen would be (compared to handwriting on a screen) — but in the store, I was just using my finger and it seemed okay. Maybe not quick enough for lecture notes, but good enough for streamlining thoughts from it to here maybe.
That leads to crux of the problem – I’m pretty sure the Windows CE system won’t transfer stuff straight to Linux. I’m tired of having a scanner and digital camera that will only talk with Win98, so another device doing that is no good.

I don’t know if I can wait for the PAD, but I can wait for Linux to become properly established in the PDA market.
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name: Quanta
email: quanta@dodo.com.au
url: aspyre.net/quanta
date: 2003-03-04-15-48

Not organised enough for an organiser.

I know excatly what you mean.
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name: crisp
url: www.crispyhead.org
date: 2003-03-04-18-54
lol@transparent skirts!!!! thats one of the worst and funniest fashion accessories invented right next “to the toilet paper hat” where there’s a toilet roll attached to the top of a hat incase of supposed toilet paper shortage whereever you might be…anything intelligent you had said after that link almost went unnoticed

hey btw yakky, do you know anything about digital cameras? I’m planning to get one, something under $1000 and really good for using the images for graphic design type stuff, and since you seem to know a lot about technology stuff and the like, I was hoping you could suggest some you know of? Is the Canon Powershots IXUS 3 any good?

I still don’t know what I did last summer

The day i get to 100% bulletproof senility will be the same day that I’ll be unswayable from the opinion that Gary Coleman sings all songs both present and past. Sure some of them won’t immediately _sound_ like him, but that’s technology for you.
Last year in august or september DJ 2 was filling in for dave thrussell on Rude Future (11am-1pm, wed. PBS fm) and he played this thing– it sounded like whoever had created it had painstakingly sat through every episode of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ and recorded/chopped every bit of Coleman when his voice got to a certain pitch. Then chopped them into even smaller bits and put it against instrumentation (lumbering bass and snappy acoustic guitar). It’s a catchy track, but I later found out that coleman wasn’t involved at all.
It’s called, ‘Verbal Feat Mc Decimal R.’ by Amon Tobin. You’ve probably heard it on the radio but there’s a 30 second snippet on the Listen page of that website to refresh your memory.

There was the day it got to 45degrees C. which I’ll be able to tell my grandkids about. Or maybe a friend’s grandkids. Or maybe I’ll just sit on public seating in playgrounds and in my best aqualung voice _(snot is running down his nose)_ say, “Eh?, you wanna hear a story about a sweaty day in the summer of 2003?”

Goodbye 4 months of mental unstrenousnessness. During you I moved house and, after a 3 year jaunt at Twoism, re-adapted back to Oneliness. As my personal guru Froggy (formerly known as T1e; it just wasn’t pronouncable) was saying the other day– all these things big and small change me. I’m a different person because of them. I don’t remember exactly how it went but it rang some clarity bells for me. Kind of a different take on the, “you can never step into the same river twice” thing. I just hope I’ve aquired some discernment out of it all.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-03-02-14-49
yeah.. live and learn. I just wish that it wouldn’t take three or four turns at the same lesson before it finally sinks into my thick skull
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-03-03-17-29
Uh huh. The complex lessons take a few goes. but hey, life’d be boring if you had everything down-pat by your late 20s (or in this case however old you are Jay).

i can’t believe I just used the phrase ‘down-pat’. what is that.


Via K5 i found this survey of pronounciations and colloquialisms. It’s US based but it’s still interesting and in parts very funny (they call the nature strip a tree lawn. heheh). The results are map based and maps are always a winner in my book.
I’d love to be in charge of doing something like this in australia – the type of thing that being paid for would be a small bonus. Sadly, i don’t think we’d have the volume to warrant it. The only thing I can think of is bathers/togs/cozzies.
And then weirder things like “Guggy”, pronounced googy like goody. Whereas most people would call a Guggenheim museum a Guggenheim museum, geelong people don’t. Geelong is begging the state govt for funding to build one off these = guggy money. Some people in geelong are vehemenently opposed to the whole thing = guggy naysayers. Completely unrelated are ‘googie eggs’, which is a much more widespread phenomenon referring to soft boiled eggs.

From that survey, especially or expecially hit me as a bit of a clanger, particularly because there’s 1.72% of people over there who, “use them interchangeably” – now that’s sophistication. Reminds me of ‘arx’ here. “Go arx ya mum if yer can come to the movies”. I know a poet who deliberately uses arx, but I still don’t think it’s cool.