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Remember Simon the muppet from Sesame street? Blue, round head, kind of balding and middle-aged. He would talk (like most muppets) but also had the ability to pipe out a bit of music straight out of his mouth if he needed to – to help explain something. Someone would ask, ‘what’s a trombone?’ and he’d say, ‘well it’s long golden and shiny and it goes “wah-wa-wah-woh” — except it’d be the actual sound of a trombone.

I want to do that on here.
A while back I was going to post an entry on how Black Sabbath have some songs that rival (and probably go beyond) Led Zep in catchiness and hooky guitar riffs. There’s this little bit of guitar in ‘Supernaut’ that sounds a bit like a carpet sweeper on steroids – and I wanted to mention this, but the best I can do to descibe it is what you just read. Which isn’t good enough. The possibility is there to be 100% precise through adding this 2-3 seconds of sound to the entry.
And I seem to be thinking a lot more in fragmented sounds (or maybe just fragmented full stop).

What I’d like is the ability to embed 30 or 80kb worth of audio in a post. It’d work similar to a roll-over .gif where you wouldn’t hear it until you stuck the cursor on it. That’s about the maximum size I think would be viable while bandwidth costs what it does right now. (But you know, I’m really surprised by how many people seem to think it’s reasonable to have their index page running at over a megabyte in size – in images. It’s crazy.) It’d preload the way rollovers do too.
I don’t know if the same javascript used for them could be used for audio or not. Probably not. Maybe XML could do it. This is the bit I don’t know about. Maybe browsers would need to be adjusted for them to recognise it– which is a lot of work. I remembered today, while looking at MacGenius that i _had_ actually seen something like this; the
Primal Scream website, but that uses Flash, which is just that one level further away. It’s not integrated into the browser. There are people that the point would be lost on.

I really like the way that movable type has the facility to upload and stick an image into an entry. There’s less mucking around than using an ftp client etc. It’d be good if this could be done with sound too.
In other news: I watched _Signs_ on the weekend with Ma. The best bit about it was the appearance of *tinfoil headgear*.

name: Monkey
url: iamthemonkey.com/blog/
date: 2003-04-01-15-34
I tried that a while ago, and then ended up just posting a link to whatever midi it was. Surely there’s a nasty javascript that runs and plays something when you mouseover a hotspot, but I think maybe you’d be limited to embedding midis, or just linking to a wav or mp3. If you get into that, you’d want to check your hosting provider’s stance on mp3’s too.
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name: yak sox
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date: 2003-04-01-20-11
Yeah – I wanted to chop up mp3s and use little bits of that format.
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name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-04-01-21-25
And then there is the problem if people hover over a link/button/whatever and nothing happens instantly… it would have to be preloaded, but either way it takes time. When there is an image of say 80k, it has aplace holder so that at least you know what you are waiting for.. I reckon the sound would need a palce holder too

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