trackback for chumps

“It’s funny, I recently attempted explaining trackback to someone and after a half-hour with no luck I tried the ‘fingers as shadow puppets on the wall’ method but to no avail. Now today I find this – those Trotts must be, like, psychic or something!”

In all honesty, last year when I enabled trackback it was a couple of weeks more before i figured out what the hell it was. And after yesterday, I realise I still need practise with it – I was pinging a fellow weblogger, and when the post went through the save process (which is when it sends out its ping) it was telling me, “500. It didn’t ping through” (500 is rapidly becoming a bad number in my books; it’s also the server error number I get when rebuilding this thing sometimes). So I hit it again, thinking that it was just all the music I was d/loading that was clogging up the pipes, and maybe the ping would go through with another attempt. I did that 4 times, and then realised the pings _were infact_ going through. Ooops.
And all that was before I started noticing typoes in the post, which invariably happens. They somehow make it that MT doesn’t send multiple pings to, it’d be swell if that could be set right across the board.

To stand back a bit, I wonder how much of a correlation there is between 1. How easily understood a new technology is and 2. How quickly it takes off / how successful it’ll be at all. Take the toaster for example. Toasters are easy to understand, and now everyone has a toaster. But DaVinci invented the submarine and then it was several centuries before it was implemented, despite the obvious adavantages of it enabling breathing under water.

name: Monkey
date: 2003-03-27-13-43
I guess I just don’t understand trackback. I can’t think of why it’s good or useful or anything. Does trackback really make the world a better place? You’re comparing it to a crucial invention of the previous century but… I dunno, I just don’t think it’s that great.

But like I said, it’s entirely possible that I just don’t understand.
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-03-27-19-38
Yeah, no that’s what i mean monkey — it’s because it’s just not that crucial (and hard to understand) that means it probably won’t take off, or at most be drowned out by some other net gadget in the future that does explain itself without a lengthy ‘HowTo’.

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