became slightly unstuck in time

Cooly detached? me? Nah.
Thinking about it through the day and I suppose I consider the internet (and webloggen) to be a lightweight medium for conveying a message — particularly in this case where the issue is huge and I strongly disagree with what’s going on. I still think the only effective method of change is direct action; getting out there on the street, walking around and yelling.
A lot of people consider demonstrating to be a waste of time. But then, wouldn’t everything be a waste of time? Recycling milk bottles, voting in an election once every three years? At the end maybe I do it just to make myself feel better. I don’t agree with that whole wankerish adbuster attitude that social change can be affected through designing some really neat posters either.
Webloggen about it all reminds me a bit of that, and a .sig I saw once that read, (please excuse any apparent insensitivity) “winning an argument on the internet is like winning gold at the special olympics – at the end of the day you’re still a retard”.

I would comment on the coverage of it all, but all I can say is that it sickens me and (because of who it is that’s bringing the coverage) I don’t trust it.

I would write about it if I had something novel to say– mostly I don’t. There is one thing – i *don’t* support our troops. This isn’t draft conditions. The nasty govt didn’t pull your brother’s birthday out of a hat. Young Billy the 17 year old apprentice baker from next door didn’t just nobly volunteer himself to defend King and country. The australians who are there now are career-military.
I don’t think i assume too much when it comes to the individual intelligence levels of humans. When they signed up, they surely knew there was the possibility of it being more involved than checking fishing boats. It’s part-and-parcel of joining the military machine of a capitalist nation-state. The cliche still rings true, “Join the army; travel the world, meet interesting people… and kill them”.
As far as I know there is still such a thing as a ‘dishonourable discharge’ where a member of the defense force can “quit”. Each of them had the opportunity to think through the question, “Did I join to defend Australia or fight for Exxon in the MidEast?”
Given the relative level of wealth here, only people with a radically different world-view to me join the defense force. Exploding shit excites them. (I have anecdotal evidence of this. ;^) )They are the same as those people jacking off to this televised war-porn, except they have more pep, more ‘get-up-and-Go!’. I can respect the fact that they think different to me, but I don’t have to support them.

Incidentally this is Howard’s tac now – ‘do you support them or not? If you do, you support Australia being there’. Saying that ‘we can’t pull out now’ is also cop-out.

Put someone in front of me and prompt them to say, “Hi, I’m here to invade you’re country”. That’s when I’ll rethink this position.
Thank to Graham for triggering me to push out this tumerous little tirade I’ve kept bottled too long.

*PS.* Don’t forget: _The Idiots_ – tonight, SBS, 10pm. Get out your recordable media devices!

name: crisp
date: 2003-03-25-18-54
i’m still bottling it up yakky….I think about it often but I don’t know what else to say openly on the matter that no one has already said and I can go on for ages and ages and in the end still havent said worth even the 25 cents it costed for me to log on the internet and blog it…I’m just going on with my life hoping it will be over soon…so am I coolly detached? I dunno mate…
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name: Jay
date: 2003-03-25-22-18
I am not in favour of this conflict.. nor do I support our troops. Though what consititutes support anyway? I certainly have no wish for them to get killed.

I do however feel partly responsible. If the elected head of our clan says we are gonna do this.. then we are a part of it – even if we didn’t vote for him. Our system, the one we choose to live by, put him there.

Maybe we should have a civil war so that we don’t have to be a part of our current war mongering government.. becomes a bit hypocritical then i guess.

I reckon that all those Iraqis that are going to hate Australians, won’t be asking who you voted for in the last election before they pass judgment.

Sorry for the ramble…

Not completely clear in my mind yet

name: yak sox
date: 2003-03-26-11-42
Crispy, i think just saying what you said puts you in the Not Cooly Detached camp. :^)

Jay – “what constitutes support?” – Good point. I hadn’t actually thought of that. maybe, just not sending a brown paper-wrapped box of biscuits to them if given the opportunity.
It’s just that a couple of times I’ve seen the pattern pop up of ‘rant-rant-rant, sure supporting the troops is fine BUT rant-rant-rant’ — and I wanted to differentiate myself from that.
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name: Jay
date: 2003-03-26-12-07
yeah.. i just saw a paper flag in one of the news papers around here, with the words “Free Flag, show your support for our troops”.

I sooooo hope at the end of it all, there isn’t a parade.

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