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Was great to see an snippet of Michael Moore taking advantage of the mic. handed to him at the Oscars and slamming little bush. They’ll never invite him back after that. Moore still gets on my nerves a little but he’s light-years preferable to the usual hollywood mafia.

Have been learning stuff about how we categorise, file, store and retrieve things in memory. I thought it was due to my nerdiness that it all was reminding me of the /home directory on the machine here, but then they tell us that half of these models/theories of how the brain functions in that sense were put together by computer programmers anyway. It’s interesting but a bit fanciful– like saying, ‘well i think god looks like this because…’.
For all I know there could be a little man sitting at a control seat in my head, with a whole bunch of levers and a periscope. And a switchboard.

I’m wondering if anyone’s ever thought of electrifying a xylophone? Probably. Okay hmm – someone has, but not lately. I figure it”d be done like guitar pickups under the um… bars (what do you call those things?). Would sound particularly good overdriven and blasting through a valve amp.

name: Jon
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-03-24-21-28
Call me when they do “Thunderstruck” on the metal overdriven Xylophone =)
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name: Quanta
email: quanta@dodo.com.au
url: quanta.aspyre.net
date: 2003-03-25-17-18
Haven’t you seen Men in Black! Of course there is a little man inside of *your* head!

(but what about x-rays?)


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