…Gas! Gas! “, an ecstasy of fumbling…

I tell ya, I get frustrated if i don’t take myself to rallies, and I get frustrated if I do. Ah juss cain’t wayn.
“Howdy. Howdy-doody from Geelong, Alabama.”
What I’m trying to say is that this town is terribly apathetic, that’s all.

I cruise through these gaps of life where i don’t regularly hang out with any kids (I mean kids in the conventional sense; small, young people) and then they’ll pop up through a connection with adult humans I know. Sometime not long after that, they will figure out that I’m okay, wacky situations will ensue and I’ll get this thought of ‘Whoah! What are these people?”– but in a good kind of way.
Froggy and his wife have two boys – 7 and 8 y.o. The other day I was sitting in their living room and one was playing a synthesizer/keyboard. It was set to pipe organ but they were calling it Dracula. He was banging along on it to one of those built in drumbeats and his brother had this ‘eh? eh? – look at me, this is really shit-hot’ expression on his face while doing a modified Moonwalk in the middle of the room. Kids are so weird. Fun though.

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