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I changed my (g)AIM identity. Was tired of doing the virtual equiv. of crossing to the other side of the street when I saw old aol aquaintances were on. There’s just no common ground there anymore. But also, I’ve always been pretty crap at maintaining frindships. But also — so are they! Yeah. i told ’em about here, they could’ve visited.
No big deal really.
I wanted ‘Supermodified’ but it was taken. That word’s been pinging around in my head for days now. It’s the title of an amon tobin album, but as a word (or mashing of two words together) I like it. So esquimaux pie it is. Y’know there’s still a lot of french words we’re still using, like autumn. And esquimaux was the standard spelling for eskimo in english up until, oh I don’t know 90 years ago? I really have no idea, it just says esquimaux in one of my H.P.Lovecraft books.

I’ve been getting HTML colour co-ordination inspiration while hovering over the freezer aisle in the supermarket. It’s excellent.

Here’s the neatest little verse I’ve heard in an indie-pop song in years:
I’d let Godzilla step on my head,
and I’d let a mummy chase me around and throw me in a dungeon,
I’d let space aliens perform an autopsy on me
if I could just be near to you.
I’d let dracula drink my blood,
I’d let a zombie eat my arm,
I’d let Frankenstein punch me in the stomach,
just if i could be near…

from Teenage Fanclub‘s song, which I’m guessing is called something like ‘Near to you’.
Must go hire some trashy old-school horror movies…. You notice how everyone’s saying ‘old-school’ lately? Haha. I was seriously think maybe 3 weeks or a month ago that i got to say ‘old school’, because it sounds cool, but then i forgot and now I’ve missed the boat completely.

There’s been a lot of talk of zombies lately and it’s reminded me of a buddy (another friendship that I’ve let fall by the wayside (wherever the wayside is) but again it was mutual) — a writer who was at the Gordon with me. Sure there were a lot of writers there, seeing that it was a writing course, but there were only few who actually wrote stuff that I liked. And this guy, CH was one. He went into a phase of weaving a zombie, or zombies, into each story he wrote. And it wasn’t forced either. They just seemed to show up. Must pull out the phone book tomorrow.

Random link for the day – came across while looking for pictures of ‘fat camp’. I like the quotes; “Nerds shall inherit the earth”, “With food like this, ADVANCE doubles as a fat camp” and “ADVANCE has played a key role in my life for….yeah, a whole bunch of years” .

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