I think that all grown-ups have beans in their ears

Beans in their ears, beans in their ears.
Feeling a tad frustrated with the external insanity flying about this evening. Ah.

I briefly mentioned on Core yesterday that this new search engine, [deleted] has started. It only gathers from people’s RSS (syndication) feeds. I didn’t come across an explanation of how it determines the relevancy of results, but weblogs should get a proportionately larger look in than with other systems.

I’m doing a site redesign at present. It’s still so much of an irregular event that what it looks like at the end is always completely different to the before-starting vision. But i do think I’m slowly starting to get the hang of CSS. The final result is a way off yet. I”d really like it to be a clean break from one this the next, for once.

Hammersley mentions a comment-spammer doing the rounds for zipcode.com. I got a couple of these blog-spammy things the other day. Then this morning I thought I’d comment-spam hammersley for a bit of a larf -ahk-ahk. (But seriously – I left a normal comment.)

The last couple of days while tappping into here and I’ve got to a part where the contraction of “it has” would be handy, I’ve typed “it’s” and it has looked completely wrong to me. It sent me into these spirals of thinking no one will be able to understand me. One of those Homeric, “Everytime I learn something new it pushes some old stuff out of my brain!” situations. The tripped out bit is that – that’s what it says on my boxer shorts.

name: Charles
url: ceicher.homeunix.com
date: 2003-03-20-13-09
Hey, I got that same comment spam too. I blame YOU, since you blogrolled me. (just kidding!)
Edit Comment / Delete Comment Block IP / Block IP range 64.6.91.*

name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-03-20-15-13
Hehe… I don’t know where they came from – may have just been waiting around at weblogs.com.

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