The Idiots

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I mentioned movies made in Denmark a couple of days ago. Well, it’s funnny how things go…

SBS’s answer to Sesame Street’s ‘Monsterpiece Theatre’ hosted by Cookie Monster, is ‘Masterpiece’, hosted by (the totally dreamy) Nym Kim. And last night there was a doco on it about the films made under the set of rules known as Dogma’95. Very interesting indeed.
But the really exciting bit is that the Lars Von Trier film, _The Idiots_ is going to be aired on Tue. 25th March (on sbs). Incidentally, one of the things about dogma is that there’s not supposed to be any director credit, but it’s just the way society works– attaching a name.
This is my all-time favourite movie. I was lucky to see it a couple of years ago in the cinema and it blew me away. I’ve never seen anything else that matched its strength of storyline and acting. The whole technique of how it’s shot is impressive too, but that’s not something I usually pay much attention to. It jumped me from one feeling all the way to the other end of the spectrum; really sad to strangely uncomfortable to insane cackling laughter-glee. All up it’s the kind of thing that’ll make you realise that Hollyweird often leaves you cold and untouched.
But I won’t say anymore because I think part of the experience was that i went into it not having heard anything about it, and therefore not expecting anything. If you’re too curious, there’s more here: The Idiots.
_The Idiots_ was the second dogma film. The first one, _The Celebration_ is also on – this tuesday night.

More about the dolphin: I was going to write about it last night but that doco came on and the datamachine had to turn off.
It must’ve been floating over the ‘burb when it came to the realisation that it was gradually losing gas. It saw our backyard, was impressed by the vegge garden and thought ‘I’ll put down there’.
I’m a bit sus on it. Sure it’s smiling, but it’s one of those smiles that you’re just not sure you can trust. Like legopeople. It drifts around in mysterious ways. Like, I’ll go out there and see it hanging over by the wires that function as a clothes line. I’ll turn my back and bend down to pump up a bike tire and a minute later Smiley the Dolphin will be right behind me, just hangin’. If it could could put its hands behind its back and whistle, it would.

name: crisp
date: 2003-03-17-19-40
I’d keep a really close eye on that dolphin, dolphins have friends and friends come over all the time… get my drift yakky

heheheh i hope you’re not the paranoid type…take the dolphin out for some site seeing
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-03-18-10-34
I’ve been known to be the paranoid type, but I think “They” like me to be that way, so I try not to be.
Indeed, a tour of geelong’s all-you-can-eat restaurants may be in order. One of them has a robotic Neptune (as in the mythic figure).

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