fly wire screen door

There’s something about the retractable nose on the concord that is a problem. I don’t remember what… they fall off? too expensive to make? can’t make the planes any bigger? The alternative is to keep the nose in one place. The pilots can’t see see where the ground is out the windows when landing though. The only option was to put TVs in with pictures of the ground. I don’t know it that’s going ahead or not. Despite the advancement of technology, people don’t like to not be able to see with their own eyes.
Connectedly, it strikes me as awfully human of humanity to insist on having windows in their spaceships.
background of fluxbox reminds me of a spaceship with no windows. I like it. Better take a last look at it, because it seems megabytes fly when you’re having fun and somehow the other day i went over my 50megs of space limit. Mainly because MT was dumping failed rebuilds into a file called ‘core’ in the cgi-bin. It was 30Mbs big, but deletable.
Regardless, there’s still a lot of fat ’round here to trim.

Here [Just down a touch] is a version of NIN’s ‘closer’ to which someone has added a SuperMario Bros. accompaniment, it’s pretty good. I’m not even looking for this kind of thing anymore, it’s finding me.

name: Jon
date: 2003-03-16-19-30
Man when I look at that fluxbox background for too long I am sure I am starting to get headaches. The title of your entry says it all =).
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-03-16-21-03
Oh, I like it. I’ve been using fluxbox only for 6 months or more now. But then, the background is only to stick things over the top of.
With the title I was thinking of that joke about the [insert you favourite nationality to make fun or here] building submarines with fly wire on the doors.
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name: Monkey
date: 2003-03-17-11-11
that mario thing is waaay funny. rock!

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