taking the bait

This morning I went to the hardware store to get a mouse trap. I don’t know that it’s still in here, but I thought I heard things last night. It may have been my imagination, i don’t know. i went budget, but saw something called the Mice Device which traps them in a lunchbox type-thing with a handle. Features in point form on the back included ‘colour co-ordination’ and ‘easy to wash’. The idea is once the mouse is in there, you go drown the whole thing in a bucket of water. $17.95.
I would’ve thought that this would be harder for the easily queasy. More premeditated. If a mouse tries chewing the chocolate off of my snapper device and gets nailed, it seems less my fault.
I remember seeing an ad for Harry’s Practice (it was all I needed to see). They made a mouse trap by extending something like a 30cm ruler over the top of a tall, open, empty plastic bin– pirate gang-plank style. The food goes at the end extended over the bin. A weight, weighing slightly less that the combined food and your target mouse is placed at the other end. Mouse runs along ruler to food, the whole lot falls into the bin.
Hmmm, Maybe I saw more than a commercial for it. I think they were suggesting that if you weren’t up to killing it, you could put it in something smaller and go for a long drive into the country and release it into the wild there.
I think there’s a movie idea in there. It would have to be european because it’d never get up here. Down on his luck unemployed guy (or maybe a woman) in dingy apartment about to do himself in, but is distracted by mouse. Momentarily forgets what he was about to do. Decides he needs to catch the mouse. Does so (in ‘the mice device’ because it’s got a carry handle) but with rarified perspective on life/death because of personal circumstance, can’t kill the mouse– it looks happy.
He doesn’t have a car, so catches a bus to the nearest national park, which happens to be near the coast. He hadn’t been out of the dingy apartment for many weeks before then. On the bus he holds the carrybox up to the window so the mouse can see out.
At the destination, (I’m seeing the Great Ocean Road) he stands at the edge of a sheer cliff face, starts talking to mouse, says he’s going to throw it off, and that maybe he’ll jump off too. Shots of waves crashing below, moving up to horizon.
He’s getting facefulls of fresh air, still mumbling to mouse. Laughs at self at realision of talking to mouse. The mouse still looks happy. He has a moment of clarity.
They go on a hitch-hiking roadtrip.

I bet you’re all wishing they’d make me go to uni more than two days a week huh.

Charles has done a nice deconstruction of some recent propaganda starring the boy bush. I bet bush has little words embroided in the inside of that thing which say , “<-- Right arm goes in here", "Left arm goes in here -->”, too.

name: SirFlakey
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-03-13-21-27
Hmm actually this isn’t half bad it could be a nice indy film .. =) .. then again I am a sucker for all things not hollywood. I bet I’d watch a white dot in the middle of the TV for 15 minutes if it was indy =).
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name: yak sox
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date: 2003-03-14-13-39
Hehe, I know what you mean. Slap subtitles down the bottom, tell it’s made in denmark and won some obscure award and I’ll watch it.
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name: crisp
url: www.crispyhead.org
date: 2003-03-14-19-27
he ehhehe i too watch anything with subtitles or with people wearing no shoes no matter how crap it is, I watch documentaries on anything on sbs all the time

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