Had a little more mouse trouble last night. Weird thing was– this was after I finished that pome two below. It’s not like I live in mouse-magnet squalor, honest. It’s ‘just that time of year’ and the compost heap is like affordable medium-density housing to them. It’s the doorjamb, both times that’s how it got in. I fixed the snib good and proper.
Popular culture over rates mouse intelligence, bigtime. I was reclining on the bed and it started wandering around the floor as casual as you like looking at this, that. It reminded me of a dog doing its own thing, the way they kind of wobble from one side of the footpath to the other. I was reading a dictionary of symbols, but there’s no entry for mouse which is surprising considering the lion’s paw and the mouse among other things.
Incidentally, it occurred to me the other day how rare it is to see a dog roaming the streets by its self these days. At least it is here.
The freaking mouse _climbed up_ the side of the bed and peeked a look at me. I threw the book at it but it didn’t help. In those kind of situations (more common with flies) I think maybe it’s a relative and it has something really important to tell me. But no, it was just a really dumb mouse – which eventually found the open door and left.

The Simpsons still rocks. The Edna K. episode tonight seemed rather fitting to me. Why, *I* had to turn down a ride in a black hawk helicopter in preference to study just yesterday. It also catered to my love of holes. It’s staggering how long it’s been running. I should start writing an analytical piece now on how people will be affected when it finishes.

Lastly, here’s two things I think are scam/sham: ‘flu vaccinations – don’t have them, they’ll just turn you into a battery hen. And superanuation – allowing The Man to keep a percentage of your capital for the whole of your working life, so you can do … what? when you’re old, buy a lawn bowls set? BORING.
The main point is that the ‘Them’ shuttle these vast sums of money, *your money* around the world continually, buying and selling all sorts of dodgey things like drugs and weapons– for a profit; a profit for The Man.
My guess is, if even just a sixth of working people demanded their super now, the market would crash out totally. Why not put into something we know has a future, like solar (or whatever, I don’t know) instead of letting unknown criminals decide what the future is.

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The Man?
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The Man is the embodiement of corporate evil, authority and all that jazz.

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