an absence of EM hum

I haven’t mentioned computering much lately — partly because there hasn’t been too much exciting me and partly am getting my head around ‘what is to be done’ (as the communists say) in this next six months, academically speaking.
I _am_ pleased that over these months of messing around with different distros I haven’t accidentally destroyed my main mandrake partition that i work out of. I d/loaded the 40Mb version of Gentoo and at some point will burn it off and give it a try. I had another look at the install instructions and it doesn’t seem that bad, after managing a Slackware install. I think a key hint for the aspiring Linux Chump is to have a user-friendly distribution already installed to fall back on. This is also good in that whatever the newer experimental distro is, once it’s basically ‘installed’ it can be mounted from the user-friendly partition and troublesome configuration files can be editied from there.

The power went off here (for the second time this year) this arvo. I actually like the unexpected challenge of having to amuse one’s self without appliances. Sometimes i think that if there was some cruel and unusual test that everyone had to take, where you were stuck in a little black box, totally sensory deprived, that I would do very well. Some people would go nuts, but I can sit in my head a long time.
The supermarket was down to mood lighting only. Awfully pleasant. The checkout woman called me ‘luv’. After one hour of this without power situation, strangers were brought together through hardship. All i wanted was an ice coffee.

So what does one do?
Jam it up, of course… in Classic Format (ie. on paper).

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