all I wanted was a pepsi, just one pepsi!

I’m referring to Black Velvet Flag’s cover of the Suicidal Tendencies song, ‘institutionalized’. The first time I heard this song about five years ago, while doing the dishes, i thought it was Steve Martin singing. i love that light style of guitar and the percussion.
If you wanted to purchase this song (and the rest of the album it comes off of entitled, ‘come recline…’) you could do so electronically from some place like emusic or go visit a joint like Gaslight who have a store in Melbourne at least. Or -sshhh- *(temporarily disabled due to gross misjudgement of available space, YS, 14/03/03)* (go save target as and don’t tell the gumment)
This has become one of my all time fave songs. BVF are playing it in the cocktail lounge on the P&O cruise ship in the heaven of my mind.

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