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It’s kind of a bummer but I’m short on head space again, already. Can appreciate how much time I had to let the trivialities roll around in my head through the day. So here’s part of a sequel: had several encounters with another beetle today. Have come to the conclusion that they must scrabble out onto the foot path to die. Like old esquimaux. I must’ve overturned it 8 or nine times during the morning, but everytime I went out there again the same thing. In the end it was almost standing upright on its hind legs to get belly-up. So I let it.
Having to read this text book, _Watching Television_ by Tony Wilson. It should be titled ‘How to fall asleep in 10 minutes or less’. In a jagged little star on the cover it could say, “Heartily Endorsed by the Insomniacs Foundation!”.
I haven’t got anything against the use of big words, but the sentence structure in this thing is unbelievable and completely unreadable. The classic “moreover” made an appearance today, I haven’t spotted “cogent” yet. And what the hell’s with this use of a comma-ed “then”? eg.

bq. The readings produced by a viewer are, *then*, articulated through conceptual frameworks characterised by both similarity bla bla bla bla blablaBLA.

All it does is make me lose my place– thinking why is that then there? I have a respect for the fine art of spinning crap into sounding like it’s saying something, but this book isn’t fooling me at all. Wilson, if you can read this… I’m coming to get you.

In my defense, it really has been a long time since I’ve had a whinge here. Really, it has.

I’ve been a bit slack getting around to implementing Creative Commons stuff here. Core beat me to it by miles. Am a bit stuck on the question of images. I’m regularly schnaffling images from this place or that on the net, so may have to add some individual clause dividing writing from images.

Giving Lycoris LX another go. I want to see if they’ve added KDE 3.1 to it. When i was running that in Yoper I was spun out by how cool it was when I’d just hover the cursor over a music file and would automatically get a ‘file preview’ of it – it’d just start playing. Incidentally, it’s interesting how many search strings I’m getting here for Yoper related questions. Yoper management isn’t trying to put on a friendly face at all. Their support person in the mailing list gives me the impression of snippiness. They have an archive of support questions and answers but you can only view it if your a paying customer (thus all the people looking here for ‘how to’ type stuff) which seems a bit premature considering they just got started. Yoper’s trying to eat Red Hat’s lunch, but I don’t think they’ll get too far unless they throw the bedroom hackers a bone. Every distro needs that layer of enthusiasts.

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