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I was watching _Star Trek: Insurrection_ on the weekend and was thinking about it again this morning after discussions about interfaces. Maybe they in the 23rd century have the human to computer interface really well sorted, or maybe it just _looks_ like they do.
There’s a scene in the early part where picard, while flying a shuttlecraft is able to punch up karaoke style lyrics to a Gilbert & Sullivan musical with Just Three ‘clicks’. It’s worrying. Imagine returning from the drink dispenser with a hot coffee in your hands, partly tripping on the swivel part of your swivel chair, sprawling across your piloting control panel, elbows and fingers pressing things.
Several hours later your crew find a dead you lying on a permanently coffee-stained carpet in your mangled shuttle on the planet’s surface, a ping-pong ball still bouncing across the top of the words to _HMS Pinafore_.

The biggest problem we have today is the keyboard. It seems so normal and adequate, but it has to change somehow. I’ve always wondered if it was made bigger and had keys for letter combinations like “ch” whether or not that’d help. Even if something was decided on, it’d take a whole generation to fully change over to.

I had a flying dream last night. They’re always a pleasant surprise, but I’m never satisfied. They often combine with just a touch of lucidity, so I’ll realise I’m having a flying dream but the actual flying controls are sluggish. It’s like trying to operate a joystick with my teeth. It’s more like floating than flying. Hovering over an old bunch of high school chums like a balloon.

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date: 2003-03-05-12-32
ahh flying dreams.. i like them.

I am trying to categorise different types of flying dreams. It’s something that I ask people at parties: “when you dream you are flying – how do you do it?”.

So far, I reckon there is:

1) Flight of the Chicken. Madly flapping the wings (or arms).. this can be very tiring. And it’s a little in-elegant.

2) The Super hero. Requires a bit of a run and jump, out stretched arms and at least some kind of sustained effort or concentration. I am thinking “Greatest American Hero” here.

3) The float. This is by far my favourite. This is the effortless float of a ghost, very natural. Some of the scenes in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” are like this.
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date: 2003-03-05-12-49
Yeah – I know – I remember you mentioning this topic at Mowabi once. I was almost going to go into a ramble then but didn’t.

This recent one was a cross between 2 and 3. I was thinking it’s funny how the normal position assumed is the ‘superman’ or ‘greatest american hero’ — I mean – why not be lying upside down?
I got another category for you – ‘the moonjump’ – I used to have these a lot. where am basically walking but can push off with the toes and get these slow gentle bounces happening.
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date: 2003-03-08-15-14
I have flying dreams too. They’re always the same. I’m always flying down an empty highway at extremely high speed, with my chin about 2 inches off the pavement. I wonder what that means?

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