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The Mowabis are reporting an interesting phenomenon in japanese women’s apparel. I don’t know what to make of it. I know there’s always been a bit of an undie fetish there.

Deakin give out a CDrom each year full of average Windows-based software, but this year – probably because of that (is it altruistic or is it not?) ‘give a kid a word processin’ package’ drive which Sun Microsystems has been on, Star Office 6 was included on it too. Only the Windows version though, let’s not go nuts here. I always wanted a proper paid for official copy of StarOffice instead of OpenOffice– I’m just like that. Put something in a cardboard box with a picture on it, shrink wrap it and I’ll want it.
It’s said to have a few more typefaces than OOo, but I forgot to look. Once it was installed I wasn’t really interested in it anymore.

Had a little poke at a toshiba pda the other day in officeworks. I don’t know that they’d sell any more of them if they left them turned on, as this one was, but they’re heaps more fun when they are. I could get comfy with that little touch screen keyboard pretty quickly.

Ug, am tired. These days where I gotta give up my afternoon nap for an afternoon lecture are Killer.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-03-03-22-30
What are you studying YS? I’m sure you have mentioned it before
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-03-03-23-03
Psychology and communication studies.
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name: SirFlakey
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-03-04-09-43
I actually have an a Newton (120), a Palm III and now a Toshiba e740 (the big brother of the one you saw).. I have hardly ever used it .. which leads me to the conclusion that I am simply not organised enough to use an organiser.

I did however use the Newton quite a bit – the screen was large enough to write down uni notes etc. SO maybe I am simply waiting for the Star Trek Pad to become available.
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-03-04-10-35
Hehe. Not organised enough for an organiser…
Actually, I can understand that. The adress book and scheduler applications don’t appeal to me much – most of those things i if I can’t remember them in my head then they’re not that important. The plain text jotting is different though.

What I was thinking but too brained to actually write it last night was: that I’d always been skeptical about how efficient touching a stylus to the virtual keyboard on the screen would be (compared to handwriting on a screen) — but in the store, I was just using my finger and it seemed okay. Maybe not quick enough for lecture notes, but good enough for streamlining thoughts from it to here maybe.
That leads to crux of the problem – I’m pretty sure the Windows CE system won’t transfer stuff straight to Linux. I’m tired of having a scanner and digital camera that will only talk with Win98, so another device doing that is no good.

I don’t know if I can wait for the PAD, but I can wait for Linux to become properly established in the PDA market.
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name: Quanta
email: quanta@dodo.com.au
url: aspyre.net/quanta
date: 2003-03-04-15-48

Not organised enough for an organiser.

I know excatly what you mean.
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name: crisp
url: www.crispyhead.org
date: 2003-03-04-18-54
lol@transparent skirts!!!! thats one of the worst and funniest fashion accessories invented right next “to the toilet paper hat” where there’s a toilet roll attached to the top of a hat incase of supposed toilet paper shortage whereever you might be…anything intelligent you had said after that link almost went unnoticed

hey btw yakky, do you know anything about digital cameras? I’m planning to get one, something under $1000 and really good for using the images for graphic design type stuff, and since you seem to know a lot about technology stuff and the like, I was hoping you could suggest some you know of? Is the Canon Powershots IXUS 3 any good?

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