I still don’t know what I did last summer

The day i get to 100% bulletproof senility will be the same day that I’ll be unswayable from the opinion that Gary Coleman sings all songs both present and past. Sure some of them won’t immediately _sound_ like him, but that’s technology for you.
Last year in august or september DJ 2 was filling in for dave thrussell on Rude Future (11am-1pm, wed. PBS fm) and he played this thing– it sounded like whoever had created it had painstakingly sat through every episode of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ and recorded/chopped every bit of Coleman when his voice got to a certain pitch. Then chopped them into even smaller bits and put it against instrumentation (lumbering bass and snappy acoustic guitar). It’s a catchy track, but I later found out that coleman wasn’t involved at all.
It’s called, ‘Verbal Feat Mc Decimal R.’ by Amon Tobin. You’ve probably heard it on the radio but there’s a 30 second snippet on the Listen page of that website to refresh your memory.

There was the day it got to 45degrees C. which I’ll be able to tell my grandkids about. Or maybe a friend’s grandkids. Or maybe I’ll just sit on public seating in playgrounds and in my best aqualung voice _(snot is running down his nose)_ say, “Eh?, you wanna hear a story about a sweaty day in the summer of 2003?”

Goodbye 4 months of mental unstrenousnessness. During you I moved house and, after a 3 year jaunt at Twoism, re-adapted back to Oneliness. As my personal guru Froggy (formerly known as T1e; it just wasn’t pronouncable) was saying the other day– all these things big and small change me. I’m a different person because of them. I don’t remember exactly how it went but it rang some clarity bells for me. Kind of a different take on the, “you can never step into the same river twice” thing. I just hope I’ve aquired some discernment out of it all.

name: Jay
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date: 2003-03-02-14-49
yeah.. live and learn. I just wish that it wouldn’t take three or four turns at the same lesson before it finally sinks into my thick skull
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name: yak sox
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date: 2003-03-03-17-29
Uh huh. The complex lessons take a few goes. but hey, life’d be boring if you had everything down-pat by your late 20s (or in this case however old you are Jay).

i can’t believe I just used the phrase ‘down-pat’. what is that.

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