Via K5 i found this survey of pronounciations and colloquialisms. It’s US based but it’s still interesting and in parts very funny (they call the nature strip a tree lawn. heheh). The results are map based and maps are always a winner in my book.
I’d love to be in charge of doing something like this in australia – the type of thing that being paid for would be a small bonus. Sadly, i don’t think we’d have the volume to warrant it. The only thing I can think of is bathers/togs/cozzies.
And then weirder things like “Guggy”, pronounced googy like goody. Whereas most people would call a Guggenheim museum a Guggenheim museum, geelong people don’t. Geelong is begging the state govt for funding to build one off these = guggy money. Some people in geelong are vehemenently opposed to the whole thing = guggy naysayers. Completely unrelated are ‘googie eggs’, which is a much more widespread phenomenon referring to soft boiled eggs.

From that survey, especially or expecially hit me as a bit of a clanger, particularly because there’s 1.72% of people over there who, “use them interchangeably” – now that’s sophistication. Reminds me of ‘arx’ here. “Go arx ya mum if yer can come to the movies”. I know a poet who deliberately uses arx, but I still don’t think it’s cool.

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