The sum time afternoon is canceled and life speeds in top. Roam Summertime is finished. I ditching of the passive sentences and maybe most of pronouns of possesive.

Put at the top of the posters today. To found an old Nat. Geo. the france card. The straightness of the west of the south (the bay of biscay) To Disturb coast. It reminds of me Slartibartfast. A thing that is me bugged for the ages of the internet is the lack of decent cards over. Almost any information kind can be squeezed of it but me always recourse to the paper when it is a matter cards.

Yoper Linux is dead on me after I updated it to the final one of KDE 3.1. As a BONE it always has a just manner to go. The list of addresss is a lot of people with major difficulties.

Thanks to the head cold I eat orange. Does not have to do that in the ages. This is principally viscosity to peel the are ridiculous. The cutting the in the quarter and sinks a piece in if it covers by over the teeth calm _the sounds_ as entertainment, but in the reality not this is step. To resorted to if to the cutting the in eights. To sit with a veneers in red plastic matter a lot of 1/8 th pieces of orange one are a humiliating experience. The only step after having takes that the with me to the school after Monday, packed in gladwrap. <%image(20050613-CRAZYHED1.JPG|25|25|crazyhed)%>

name: SirFlakey
date: 2003-02-27-22-37
Initially I ws going to reply in kind – but then I thought “Wait I am conforming” (or rather I conform wait!) so I shall refrain and simply write – I wish I had some oranges – though not in 1/8th
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-02-28-18-32
I shouldda guessed you’d figure it out. :^)

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