the go with Lindows

As in What’s the go with with Lindows? – I just couldn’t bring myself to put a question mark in the heading two days in a row.
I wish actually had a copy of Lindows to review, but don’t. However, I read an article in a copy of Linux Format mag. which clued me in a bit. For ages I’ve been reading about how “walmart” and now a UK equivalent, eversham, have been packaging super cheap PCs running Lindows instead of windows XP, and thus saving a bucket of money for the consumer that way. Similarly, the company Lindows themselves also just released a laptop running their OS. As far as I know nobody is selling PCs like this in australia. The type of thing that Hardly Normal could do if he wasn’t such a nazi. Particularly with the laptop option where it’s almost impossible to buy a new machine and be given the option to buy it cheaper with no OS– windows pre-installed is pretty much mandatory. And building your own laptop is an even more unlikely option.

Lindows is also available by itself, but it’s yet to be seen if it’ll cut the mustard due to the expansive range of hardware it’d be expected to detect. Sorting out hardware detection problems is something no self-respecting Chump wants to get involved in.
There is no free download edition of Lindows.
With the OS comes a 12 month subscription to their “_Click N Run Warehouse!_”. It uses the debian apt:get mechanism to download and install packages, which is known for its studiness.. They have about 1700 apps on offer.
The really interesting thing in this review I read was that the writer was able to change just 2 or 3 lines in one of the scripts and have it hook into the vast (nearly 10 000 packages) Debian software depositories and install any of that stuff without problem. The Warehouse GUI isn’t available in this situation, but then it doesn’t run out after 12 months either. For the Cheapskates, Lindows sounds like a pretty damn good alternative to Windows and for intermediate Chumps like me, it sounds like an easy way to get Debian running.

I have a head cold. Everytime this happens I think, ‘No this can’t be happening *I* don’t get sick. Not me.’ And I think that it must’ve been years since I last suffered like this, but in reality I think it was only ten months. But it’s fairly mild – just head-snots a bit and a sore throat.

name: Jay
date: 2003-02-25-16-54
Well there you go.. i’d never heard of Lindows. but i’ve never heard of half the stuff that you seem to dig up 🙂

Hope the cold gets better
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-02-25-17-07
Thanks. Me too. With uni restarting next week I’m supposed to be at my most rested and raring-est right now.

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