imploding Sun?

Interesting editorial about how this guy thinks Sun Microsystems is doomed in it’s current incarnation. For my liking, he’s a bit vague about what’ll kill it. He says AMD servers running Linux will do it. I dunno about that. I’ve always thought that ‘THEY’ won’t let Sun fold because it’s one of the companies that ‘they’ seed with alien technology.

Blosxom is going 100mph in rate of development at present. There’s a whole bunch of plug-ins that’ve been added to it including a script that converts your movable type entries to blosxom. All the bits that convinced me to stay with mt rather switch over will be there soon.
All this effectively zaps any sense of ‘zen’ it had as a set-up, but then, perhaps it was just marketing from the start anyway. However what it _does_ do is turn it into a completely viable (and open source) alternative to movable type. I don’t know that the blosxom documentation is completely up to scratch, but this is probably just a matter of time too.

The second day of Pako Fest was okay. Battle of the youf bands was a bit of a mixed bag. Some death metal band “wake the dead” won it. There was a popster group, Modo, who I thought were better, more original. But I can’t really judge bands full of teeny-boppers too harshly. I got a bit too much sun on my ankles.

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