yoper: choice eh?

Well maybe.
I refer to yoper linux – the newest kid on the block. It’s compiled in New Zealand, thus my use of ‘choice’ as an adjective. I’ve been test-toasting one of their beta releases and I think it’ll really be good when they get it all a bit more stable.
More than anything, it’s probably indicative of my hardware set up getting gradually older when all the bits are being recognised by Linux distributions these days. Yoper uses a text install at this point. A couple of times there was some garbled stuff on the screen like it was thinking out loud, which was a bit disconcerting. A combination of HAL and Chairman Mao antics; “YOS is You Operating System” repeated over and over, and the “YOSYOSYOSYOSYOS”.
But as I said it worked fine in the end although the options with boot loader installation seemed a little archaic compared to the popular distributions. i was impressed that it installed Nvidia drivers for my graphics card all by itself. That’s the first time I’ve seen that happen.
And this was the first time I’d seen Kde 3.1 in action. It still seemed a bit buggy, but visually impressive.
Yoper’s claim to fame is that everything on the install disk is optimised for i686s– which makes things that bit faster. If you take a look at their page ‘About’ at the Yoper site (I’d point to it but they’re using frames) it also claims to be able to install packages from Red Hat and Debian. The wording of that page is a bit odd — I was trying to understand what/how they meant about building packages for Yoper but .I .just ..don’t .get it. Maybe I’ll have some kind of mental breakthrough in the next day or two.
There’s not much in the install of YOS so far – it’s basically just Kde. Like Lycoris like that. This is another reason why it might feel faster than other set ups — no servers running.

It sounds like it’s been raining everywhere lately, which is good. One difference I’ve noticed between being by the ocean and here is with the air. Not the obvious things – but there’s probably some low level goodness about the sea air that masks the intenseness of rain-air. It’s rained properly about twice since I’ve been back in town here. There’s some theory about rain saturating the air with negative ions (negative is good in this situation). Anyway, whatever’s happening produces a really energising quality to the air.
I think it started raining here at 8pm last night, then I woke up at 3am totally zingin’. I had to sit up, eat breakfast and read for an hour or so before I could get back to sleep. The same thing happened the other time it rained, but during the day. I had to go for a walk and there was no stopping me.

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Well, does it come with a sheep motif?
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hehe. No, penguin as per usual, but I think it’s some kiwi penguin variant.

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