Doover-hickies, Deals and Danger Mouse

It almost feels like the virtual christmas – with an updated browser to surf on, an updated weblog tool which I’m still discovering some of the more subtle intricacies of, and a whole bunch of doovers, thinga-ma-bobs and jiggers to plug in to it. So far I’m trying the ‘textile’ thing and the ‘smartypants’ thing – you’ll note the — em-dash: alright! These and a myriad others can be found on the official doovers for MT page.
The other day I was on the verge of getting sour grapey and whiny about the movable type people deciding to develop a Pro version rather than just keep the whole thing unified. Using so much beer-free and speech-free software sometimes spoils me into thinking *everything* should be like that. But (i suppose) they really do deserve to earn some decent money out of the thing (and I’m sure they will… earn lots of money). All this add-in stuff should keep hobbyists like me amused.

Most people by now would’ve read that google is buying pyra – the folks who run blogger/blogspot. Everyone’s said everything about it already and it’s not too hard to find those links. One thing i came across was google-watch and “google as big brother” – which is probably considered crack-pot to 98% of people, but, (again) it started to occur to me the other week how integral the big “G” has become to the net, and how little this is mentioned.
Last week someone –I think it was Fergul Sharky, wrote an essay on the dynamics and power of weblogs which had me thinking for a fair while. In a nutshell it was saying that influence within whatever ‘weblog community’ there is is skewed in favour of a small few due to (and this is the main part for me) hyperlinks and google’s page ranking of blogs because of them.
The ironic thing was that it was pretty much only the ‘Famous People’ (hahaha) commenting on this essay. But these people often have jobs that involve being on the net all the time, so they are able to find the fun things, the groovy links — if the net is their business then it makes sense that they will hold some sway as opinion-leaders of it. Also, I see it all as another example of our supposed lack of time in western society. eg. “I’m a new weblogger, I only have half an hour a day to muck around with it, I don’t know what’s cool and what’s not, so I’ll stick a link to metafilter on my site and let them decide what I’m going to blog about.”
If these so called ‘A-listers’ (I prefer ‘House Captains’) are so concerned about this apparent lop-sidedness then they could start changing it by deadening their hyperlinks to eachother, which only server to reinforce the whole thing.
Without google to measure all of this it wouldn’t exist anyway. Like any measuring device – it’s an invention by us humans … which imposes values … hmmm — I don’t really know where I’m goin’ with this. Reserve a little doubt for everything, including google.

Jeremy popped up a link to a top fifty list of all time great tv cartoon characters. It’s food for thought – the kind of thought-food I like too. Looney-Toons rock. Mickey Mouse has no personality.

name: Jay
date: 2003-02-17-13-06
that cartoon list is eclectic…
and the poll results thus far are also interesting. Not what I would have guessed (or picked)
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name: SirFlakey
date: 2003-02-17-14-02
Yeah the `Big G’ certainly has some decent influence – but in the era of of split second response things change quickly. I can remember how everyone was singing the praises of AltaVista until one year suddenly there was Google – and AltaVista sank – hard.

Wasn’t there a statistic that some >80% of the net was travelling via Cisco gear (most likely no longer touted in Marketing due to people changing onto other, cheaper means of routing).
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name: Quanta
date: 2003-02-17-18-48
Oh Big G, how close and personal.
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-02-17-21-14
Hmm, yes it’s easy to forget that google hasn’t been around that long and whatever coding advance they made when they eclipsed other search engines could happen again. Who knows.

Hey Jay I didn’t even see the poll there. It’s funny – when i think Rocky and Bullwinkle I think ABC–>BBC. I took me a moment to remember that it wasn’t an English cartoon.
And I didn’t even know there was a Gumby cartoon. And that poll; it looks like a lot of people mistook it about being about the cartoon characters wherever they exist. Charlie Brown, while cool (in my book) only did a couple of tv shows – the rest was newspapers.

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