I hear drones

Changed over from a one pixel .gif to the server side include system of hit tracking yesterday and am amazed at all these bots. They didn’t show up before.
Also – this is a really weird story, blog-daddy, Jeremiah posted this entry about how he wanted to go on this tv show and get a makeover. But in the months since that one short thought an accumulation of people have somehow, via google, mistaken his comments field as a direct line to the host of this tv show mentioned. I remember reading briefly about how a movable type entry by someone about music or songs on commercials had taken on a life of its own – where people would drop by ask a question about one ad. then solve someone elses’ tip-of-tongue situation. But jeremy’s situation is completely different – a total miscue.
Movable type 2.6 was released. However it also marks a split in how it’ll be developed in the future. There’ll be a Pro version (costs money) and uhm .. an amateur version, for schmoes like me.

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