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I hope everyone got their limited edition super-sized spouting collectable (edutainment r us) horse.<%image(20050613-HORSE.JPG|640|480|horse)%>

Late Night Poker on SBS (down the bottom). Has anyone else seen this? On a saturday night at one. I heard about it on RRR Breakfasters the other week so stayed up to watch it. I’ve mentioned before that gambling don’t float my boat, but this was facinating. It’s English based but they have these world series champions – about 8 of them playing. I don’t really even know what the rules of poker are, but the commentators explain it as it goes. The players are kind of dodgey looking – the key word being ‘looking’. The guy who won was this big square-jawed bastard wearing a black shirt and botom-of-ear length hair. After each player lost out and had to leave the table they did a little side interview with them about how they went. At the end this guy got a few words in too. I was dead-set expecting him to have this ‘Norf England’ accent – Liverpool or Manc, but he comes on in this genteel south of england accent.
I liked it because it was all body language, facial gestures and posturing. There was a couple of dudes wearing sunnies, which I don’t think should be allowed.
As the yanky commentator says, “until next time, cash me in!

name: Jan
date: 2003-02-14-12-11
I initially thought this was a comedy or drama, but I soon realised these people were real, no character-acting (which was a bit scary ;-).

It’s a very strange concept for a TV show, but trust the SBS network to give air-time to cool formats 🙂

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