of mice and men

There’s a mouse in my joint. It was in the cupboard, I tried to capture it with the strainer and an L.P. (johnny cash songbook) but it was a tad faster than a huntsman or moth. It came at me, i jumped except i was bent over so didn’t get very high and almost landed on it. It went under the bed. Damn they’re fast, and quiet, and small. After jumping on the bed and making a ruckus it didn’t come out so I left the door open and went out. Now I don’t know if it’s still here or not. There’s a whole bunch of food that’s gotta be junked.

Vladimir Putin is a bit of a dude. I’m trying to remember what that joke was that he made right after signing the documents that made Russia part of NATO. It was something like, ‘now can we have some money?’.

The Slackware set up is coming along slowly. I’m not too enthused at the moment. There’s a lot that needs to be updated, due to it being released 8 months ago now. It’s funny how things change though. Figuring Linux out is like growing a second head. One day you can be sitting there thinking it’s never going to happen, and indeed, quite a while after very little may have changed. But then 2 years down the track “whap” there you are having just successfully put together an XF86config file together almost from scratch.

name: Monkey
url: iamthemonkey.com/blog/
date: 2003-02-12-12-52
oo, I love it when you talk nerdy.

Peanuts and peanut butter. Mousies can’t live without them. Sure, you may have heard that it’s cheese, but it’s really peanut butter. Rig yourself up an elaborate trap involving an upside down frypan propped up with a toothpick and baited with peanut butter.
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
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date: 2003-02-12-22-04
Yes I remember a man telling me once about how some mice are picky and that there’s a sliding scale of foods to tempt them with cheese –> chocolate, apparently is pretty hard to resist — even through to various grades of chocolate being more effective.
In any case either i gave it a heart attack or it ran out the door when I went out. I live in a very small place and would know if it was still here.

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