Spacey Spacem’s Galactic Top 40

It’s that time of the bi-month again and a new copy of Nexus has hit the shelves of the newsagent. But if you’re not inclined to purchase it, most of it’s online here anyway. They don’t usually stick that much on. And if you were starting to take life too seriously, here’s a yet another good reason not to: Huge chunks of rock keep wizzing past our little planet and nobody knows they’re there (alledgedly, including the so-called experts) until they’ve been and gone. The article ‘Enigma; a close call from deep space’ was by this guy, Chung and it seems to be here althought the page doesn’t seem to be all that well put together.
In the print version there’s a whole bunch of links to spacey sites, the best of which are probably fairly well known anyway. The other have really odd URLs and well-weighty in data. I’m interested in images.
This page has probably the best links to fotos – mars n’ stuff. Also, Hubble, and SOHO. And maybe nasa.
– These dudes (nasa-science) really need to update their page; “Look at that Spaceship – January 27: looking up: The space shuttle Columbia (STS-107) will make a lovely series of morning passes over the United States this week.”
Maybe they been busy.

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