the min. for the int.

At present we’re moving to a unified archive system. We’re plugging all the so called ancient archives into the movabletype format from the original pivot format. Extraneous formatting is being removed but spelling snafus are not, we decided it better to not rewrite the past. So if you arrive to find something that seems disturbingly out of place, please do not be alarmed.
After brief discussions at [min. for the ext. quickly pokes his head in front of the microphone]
Min. for the Ext.: macgenius.
[Min. for the Ext. stands back. Min. for the Int., partly surprised by the interjection. Addresses Min. for the Ext.]
Min. for the Int.: “GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!”
Min. for the Ext: “GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!”
Min. for the Int.: about pop-ups it occurred to us that where possible they should be eliminated. Let’s face it, they can be a source of intense frustration, the way they just float around on the top there, regardless of the possible benevolence or malovence.
Accordingly, comments and trackbacks have been altered to use a full page format.
We are also proposing to move to a .shtml system in order to benefit from its feature-rich goodness. We believe it will help tighten the security of the stats tracking system and shouldn’t cause too many hiccups. I’ll now hand you over to the Min. for the Ext.
Min for the Ext.: Waxy Andy did an interesting write up of various stats and logging systems.
— Also: there’s a really good article on dumpster diving at K5. One of those type of bits that just makes you want to get out there and give it a go.

name: Jay
date: 2003-02-05-01-58
Say what?
What’s all this min dot business?
I bet it’s something really obvious.. I am good at missing the really obvious
Edit Comment / Delete Comment Block IP / Block IP range 63.60.9.*

name: yak sox
date: 2003-02-05-09-10
Nah, it’s probably not that obvious – minister for the interior/exterior. in hindsight seems a bit whacked. It’s been very warm here for 72hrs or something. I’m going nutty.

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